Creating a VIP relocation package

Posted by By Bournes Relocation Solutions - July 13, 2022

With an increasing need to offer the best packages to attract and retain top talent, what should you be considering to deliver a VIP relocation experience?


Global Mobility practitioners have long discussed strategies to manage all levels of Business Mobility needs, and to present saleable, informed solutions to their most talented performers. One specialist area that has often been overlooked is the need to offer world-class, tailored VIP packages to your most senior employees and their families.

In considering reward, recognition and industry best practices by adapting policy to suit employment frameworks, organisations can build mobility functions to a high level that enhances business intelligence and leadership to enable faster, smoother relocation for the most valuable human resources.

Corporate Mobility leaders and their vendors need to be able to deliver a bespoke VIP relocation solution that brings results, effective communications and quality service delivery from start to finish providing a great experience with minimised touch points and friction-reduced milestones throughout.

Targeted VIP Programmes

Traditionally VIP programmes are targeted at Senior Executives and C-Suite assignees with a demanding lifestyle, high level of expectation, complex requirements and a higher level or risk/reward. However, wherever you need to do more to attract and retain top talent a VIP relocation programme can show your people that they are highly valued and reduce many of the risks of a failed assignment.

Typically, VIP moves should be offered where an enhanced or bespoke service is required above your standard policy, and where a high level of service is vital to a smooth and successful relocation that allows your business-critical assignees to thrive.

Bespoke Relocation Services

Many companies establish a specific policy for their VIP moves, which may include scope to tailor solutions on a per-employee need basis.

At minimum VIP relocation services typically include a preview trip/area orientation, visa and immigration services, accompanied home search, serviced accommodation, accompanied school visits, household goods moving, settling in services and where appropriate in-person language training and cultural training with complimentary online support services.

Some additional services to consider that are typically beneficial or relevant to VIP employees include:

  • Executive level temporary accommodation.
  • Crating or bespoke packing for high-value personal effects and inclusion of fine art and other standard household goods shipping exemptions.
  • Cleaning, housemaid and handyman services.
  • Partner Support (which can be particularly important for dual talent families which are increasingly more commonplace and where support for accompanying talent can make a real difference to whether the assignment is accepted in the first place and its overall success).
  • Chauffeur / limousine service.
  • Luxury furniture rental packages.
  • Expense management.
  • Currency Exchange.
  • Vehicle sourcing and leasing at host destination.
  • Health cover and Expat insurance.
  • Security briefings and support in high-risk cases.
  • Health and well-being coaching and support.
  • Concierge services

Senior Level Support

As well as extra services to support VIPs it is important to recognise that responsiveness is key with an increased need for high touch Senior level flexible support with clear and easy communication.

Complex relocation cases require experienced management and extensive knowledge from the relocation manager and specialist consultants to ensure everything is perfectly coordinated. It’s vital that they can pro-actively guide the relocating employee, and manage and synchronise all parts of the chain to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Wherever appropriate support outside of typical working hours and the ability for the relocation team to work directly with executive PAs can also reduce friction.

If you’d like to find out more about Bournes VIP solutions or get help defining a customised VIP policy that’s right for you please get in touch, we’d love to help.

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