Sustainability at Bournes

Find out more about how Bournes and the relocation industry are doing our part in the global effort to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


As the 2022 FIDI* report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the moving industry said "Our shared world continues to face multiple interrelated crises; whether it is the need for climate action, elimination of hunger, the pursuit of peaceful cooperation between nations, the fight against inequality, or global recognition of basic human rights".  (*Bournes are a member of FIDI, the worlds leading professional association for international moving.)

In the Global Mobility industry, many of us are in the early stages of our sustainability journey, but the key is to accept and embrace change.

At Bournes we are committed to moving toward more sustainable business strategies; to keep taking small steps to make it part of our culture, and to integrate sustainability into our daily actions.

We know long-term meaningful change will take time, but we must keep moving.


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Imagine a world...

"Imagine a world we are proud to leave for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren… and all future generations. A world where equal opportunities are a given and where diversity is celebrated. A planet where nature and progress do not endanger each other."

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Laura Ganon

FIDI President


Bournes hold the ISO 14001 certification and participate in our global network (Harmony) Environmental Programme.

The Harmony Global Environmental Programme seeks to improve the environmental imprint of our global operations; one of the most important facets of the programme is the hands-on expert advice and guidance Harmony provides to members who apply for and hold ISO 14001 certification.

The Harmony Environmental Management Program includes:

  • A web-based management tool to monitor performance
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Procedures and work instructions
  • Online registrations and dashboards
  • Online incident registration and follow up
  • Implementation assistance and support
  • Internal audits
  • External audits

Sustainable Practices

We know our activities have an impact on the environment and accept our responsibility. We recognise effective environmental management is one of the most important priorities for businesses in the 21st century, and Bournes are determined to be a responsible corporate citizen. Environmental initiatives include:

sustainable energy


We are working at local and global supply chain level to reduce or eliminate wastes of all types including water and energy. This applies both at source or by practices such as modifying production, maintenance and facility processes, materials substitution, conservation, recycling and re-using materials.

Sustainable Transport


As a company heavily involved in transportation, we recognise that the environmental impact of the emissions from vehicles operating throughout our network is material. We encourage a number of initiatives to reduce our impact including efficient transport planning through an advanced vehicle tracking system ensuring effective route management and maximum vehicle efficiency

re-use and recycling

Re-use, recycling and waste (operations)

As a service provider involved in extensive use of packing materials we recognise our activities have a direct, measurable impact upon the environment and strive to recycle or reuse wherever possible. At our facilities we have dedicated areas for segregation of recyclable materials and encourage our customers to recycle any packaging material not collected by our crew. Where possible we select recycled or reusable packing material that offers the best mix of required quality and minimal environmental impact, including partially recycled materials where possible. Customers are encouraged to recycle or donate items they are disposing of as part of their move and Bournes support local food banks by collecting unwanted non-perishable food items on move day.


Recycling and waste (Office)

We aim to reduce our environmental impact, in the office environment by encouraging staff to reduce the number of documents they print and to work towards a paperless environment wherever possible.

Use of paper, plastics and cardboard is minimised and, wherever used, separated for collection. Where appropriate waste paper is shredded and recycled. 

Printer consumables are collected for delivery to a charitable organisation for onward recycling. 



We are investing in digital technologies that allow us to operate in a more environmentally sustainable way, for example: Offering virtual pre-move surveys and home viewings reducing the emissions normally generated by travelling to conduct these in person; trialling implementation of paperless removals crews allowing them to digitally view job instructions, complete packing lists and itemised inventories, manage materials, collect client signatures and more; HR systems for employment paperwork; and online meetings in place of travel wherever possible.


Carbon Offsetting

Although not a long-term solution Bournes have partnered with ecolegIT to offer carbon offsetting to our clients to allow us to support reforestation as a temporary measure to offset those emissions that we can’t yet reduce (e.g., ahead of mass market electrification of shipping vessels and HGV’s).

Find out about Carbon Offsetting with Bournes


Our people are our most valuable asset. Bournes rely on its talented, committed people to drive the business into the future, and in turn, they rely on Bournes to enable them to provide for their families, carry out meaningful work and realise their individual potential.


Contractual Terms

We strive for fair contractual terms because we believe in the benefits of fair, honest and
balanced relationships with our employees. We do not allow any pressuring or threatening of
employees during discussions about fair working conditions and we ensure compliance with all statutory requirements.


Human Rights

We strive to ensure as a company that we operate in compliance with universal human rights. For example, we do not employ child or forced labour, we do not allow for the physical punishment or abuse of anyone under our employment and we follow international laws regarding employment. 


Equality & Diversity

We recognise that our employees and our global marketplace include a diverse group of people and our Equality and Diversity policy sets out our commitment to equal opportunities, compliant with the UK Equalities Act 2010.

Bournes strictly prohibit discrimination in any form and we are all responsible for treating each other with dignity and respect. Treating each other respectfully also means that we take a zero-tolerance approach to bullying harassment and victimisation. 


Health & Safety

Safety is the most important value in operating our business and we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our workforce, our customers and the general public. A serious injury as a result of a lack of safety awareness can change lives forever and without it we cannot operate a sustainable business.

Bournes commitment to and performance in the area of safety is demonstrated by our certification to the OHSAS18001 international standard.

Bournes also focus heavily on wellbeing, including providing a free Employee Assistance Programme as part of our benefits programme. 

Ethical Business Practices

Anti-bribery and corruption

Bournes are committed to the highest ethical standards including a clear stand against bribery and corruption. Bournes will not tolerate bribery and corruption in any form involving any of our employees, partners, subcontractors or suppliers who are expected at all times to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships.

We operate in compliance with all applicable laws countering bribery and corruption in the jurisdictions in which we operate.  

As a FIDI FAIM certified company, we commit to the FIDI Anti Bribery and Corruption Charter.


Bournes compete fairly and in compliance with all antitrust laws which exist to protect free trade and ensure a level playing field.