Area Orientation & Preview Trips

Helping employees get to know their host location and feel comfortable and confident in their new home.

Area Orientation

Our well researched accompanied orientation tours, personally hosted by an expert local Relocation Consultant, are based on the individual relocating families needs to help them get to know their host location ahead of or at the start of their assignment.

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Familiarisation with host location

A detailed overview of the host country/city and work area to help the employee and their family understand more about their new location and how things work locally with insiders tips on what to expect, where to find everything that's important to them and what life might be like in their new home. 



Identify preferred areas to live

Based on a detailed needs assessment the Relocation Consultant can introduce areas to consider for the home search, enabling the employee and their family to get a feel for different locations and property styles to help them make the most of their home search time. 


Pre-assignment or on arrival

Our flexible area orientation tours can be conducted pre-assignment or on arrival. 

Where an employee has not yet accepted an assignment a formal orientation tour can help them to make a well informed decision. 

Included in the Area Orientation Service

Our area orientation services are flexible and customised to the individual requirements of each employee and their family, however they typically include:

needs assessment

A detailed needs assessment with the employee and accompanying partner (if applicable). 


Research and preparation of tour itinerary. 


Accompanied tour with an expert local area consultant.


Tour of neighbourhoods suitable for expatriates including location of schools. Where possible we can arrange viewings of sample properties within the assignee’s budget.


Advice on transport including commuting times and methods, driving and parking facilities. 


General healthcare advice and information.


Identification of local amenities of interest including shops, restaurants, leisure and sports facilities, places of worship, cinema/theatre etc. 


Introducing expatriate clubs, organisations and community groups. 

Area Orientation Service Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Area Orientation services?

Area orientation services provide a much better understanding of the host location than can be gathered through online research. This allows employees and their families to really get a 'feel' for where they will be living. and working. 

Expert advice from a local relocation consultant helps by providing insider tips that will help families settle quickly, identify the most appropriate areas for them to live and how to integrate themselves in the local area and community - overall improving the chances of a successful assignment.

When conducted ahead of accepting the assignment as a preview trip (AKA "Look-see visit") a local area orientation can help potential assignees to set expectations, truly understand what it might be like to live and work in the host location and to make a fully informed decision. 

Need help with Area Orientation services?

Contact us to find out more about how our Area Orientation services can help your employees get set up for a great assignment before or at the start of their relocation.

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