Language Training

Helping employees and their families to confidently communicate in their work and personal lives.



Language Training Services

As one of the UK's leading independent relocation service providers and a member of the European Relocation Association (EuRA) Bournes can help your employees learn the language skills to communicate confidently and effectively in the workplace and in their personal life in their host location so they can maximise the success of their assignment.

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Communicate with confidence

Even if the workplace uses a common language (usually English) and there is no need to speak the host country language a work it is highly beneficial for the employee and their accompanying family to gain at least a basic understanding of the local language and an ability to negotiate daily activities with ease and confidence.



Flexible training

  • One to One sessions
  • Family / Group sessions
  • Total immersion days/weeks
  • Conversational Focus
  • Business & technical language
  • Written language skills

Pre-assignment or on arrival

Language tuition can be provided both pre-assignment and on arrival – often the best way is to start learning before the move and continue in the host country.

Why Bournes Language Training Services?

Bournes language training services help employees adjust to life in their host location by giving them the confidence to communicate effectively.


Friendly, experienced language trainers who understand the challenges of relocating employees. 


Flexible lessons and service delivery methods to suit the employees individual needs.


Tailored courses to support the rest of the family in gaining the language skills they need to thrive with day to day tasks, socialising, gaining an education or progressing their own career. 


Certified and accredited, pre-approved training partners worldwide. 

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