Settling-in Services

A dedicated Relocation Consultant to help your employees settle in and get set up in their new home and host location, whatever they need.

Settling-in Relocation Service

Accompanied or unaccompanied settling-in programmes to help the employee and their family quickly and happily settle into life in their new location. 

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utility connection and home set up

Get set up and settled in quickly

Your employee's dedicated Relocation Consultant will guide them through everything they need to get set up in their home and family life in their host location, helping them to navigate their new life and managing all the practicalities of a new home and area. 



Local Support and advice

The procedures and paperwork required to set up personal and family life in a new country vary widely. Local on the ground Relocation Consultants have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the host location ensuring they can provide the best-customised advice and support when your employees arrive. This can greatly ease the transition and reduce frustration, especially where there are language barriers or cultural differences. 


Flexible services

Our flexible settling-in services allow each employee to choose the support they require when they need it - focusing on the areas they find most confusing or of most benefit to their family. 

Services can be face to face, remote or a combination of the two. 


Choose from the wide range of services we offer below, or ask us to recommend what we think provides the best support for your individual relocation. This list is non-exhaustive so if there is something you don't see below that you'd like help with, just ask and we'll be happy to assist if we can. 


Bank Accounts

Choosing the right provider and opening a local bank account. 


Mobile Phone

Choosing a provider and setting up a phone or SIM only contract or pay as you go service. 



Help sourcing vehicles (for purchase/hire) and arranging insurance as well as advice on driving and obtaining a licence in the host country.  Alternatively guidance on using public transport (where safe to do so) or hiring a car service. 


Home Connections

Assistance setting up essential and preferred home utilities including energy providers, broadband, paid TV services and home insurance. We can recommend providers, negotiate best rates and will assist with connections wherever possible. 

registration form

Local Registrations

Help registering with local authorities for example National Insurance registration or setting up accounts including Council Tax. 


Health and Wellbeing

Registering with local doctor, dentist and healthcare practitioners including guidance on host country healthcare and emergency services. 



Introduction to local shopping, leisure and social facilities for the whole family. 


Domestic Services

Introduction to local domestic service providers including cleaning, gardening or in home childcare. 


Do we have to choose the services we require upfront?

No. Typically our clients will pay for a settling-in service of a number of hours and these can be used for whichever services the employee and their family determine they will need during the settling in period. 

Our services are fully flexible and will usually be discussed during the initial needs assessment so that we can create a customised programme based on individual needs. 

Why should I provide Settling-in Services to my employees?

Settling-in services reduce frustration, anxiety and stress for the whole family. 

Navigating new processes and paperwork at the same time as moving your whole home, learning a new culture or language and starting a new job with a new team can be overwhelming. A little support in these areas can be the difference between a happy family who are learning to live and thrive in their host location and a potentially failed assignment. 

Need help with settling in services?

Contact us to find out more about how our Relocation Consultants can help your employees get settled in and set up in their new homes.

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