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Moving house tips for teenagers and older children

Posted by Bournes Moves - November 19, 2014

Moving house can be stressful for adults, but it can also be a worrying and unsettling time for older children and teenagers too. 

These tips are for any older kids and teenagers moving house with you to read themselves; hopefully the advice here will help them to own their part of the process and enable them to feel involved with the move, removing some of the fear they may be experiencing. We hope it helps.

Moving house tips for teenagers and older children to read themselves

So you're moving house with your parents? We know it can be a hard time, but we hope you're beginning to be excited by the thought of moving. Here is a list of some things you can do to get ready for your move to make it easier for you and to help out your family if you want to

First things first, what do you know about the move so far?

Is there anything else you want or need to know? Why not write down your questions and interview your parents! Ask them things like: what’s your bedroom like? How far is school? Can I still play football there? This is all important stuff you need to know, so write it all down then sit down with your parents and ask them…make sure you understand exactly what exciting things are going to happen as part of the move. If they don’t have the answers yet then that’s ok, ask them if they can try to find out for you and if they can’t don’t worry about it, you can do a little investigating when you get there!

Plan your bedroom

Once you know what your new room is like, ask your parents if you can help design how you want it set up! You could try looking in magazines for some inspiration on colours or soft furnishings, or maybe plan a trip to the shops in your new area as a family so you've got something to look forward to when you arrive.

Create an address book

Include the contact details of all the people you want to keep in touch with if you’re moving far away. Get a notebook and make a list of email addresses, home addresses, mobile phone and landline phone numbers and things like web messengers (Facebook messenger, Skype etc.) and sign on names so that you can keep in touch when you get to your new home.

Research the area you're moving to

If you’re moving house to a different town or country then ask your parents if you can go online or go to the library for some books and look it up. What does it look like? What is there to do? Are there good places you can visit? Who’s the local sports team? What’s your new school like? What clubs does it run? What’s the uniform like?

Help with packing and getting ready to move

If your parents could do with a little help this is a great way to get excited about the move. It can be fun to look through everything you own and think about where it might go in your new house, you might even come across some things you loved but haven't seen in a while!

Say your goodbyes

Make sure you get time to say goodbye to everyone important to you before you leave. Maybe your parents will let you have some friends over or you can get together with friends individually. Make sure you talk to your friends about how you’re going to stay in touch and that they have your contact details too.



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