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6 tips for moving house in summer

Posted by Bournes Moves - November 20, 2014


What is different about moving house in summer?

Summer is peak season for the removals industry

Typically lots more people move house during the school summer holidays than at any other time of year. This means demand for removal company services is high which might mean you need to book early to secure your mover of choice. Booking early also helps you get the best price for your removal services because prices can go up when there is not much last minute availability. 

It's often hot in summer (duh!)

Although it's an obvious statement, there is also an impact on your move. Packing and carrying boxes is physical work, and this can be harder on you or your move team when it's hot. It can also be hard on your family and your pets if their usual places or ways to cool down are restricted. 

Top tips for moving house in summer

1 - Prepare for your move early

As with everything when it comes to moving house, preparing early is the key and this is even more important when moving house in summer. When it comes to the removal process, start by choosing 3 or 4 removal companies you think would be suitable and invite them all to send a move consultant round to conduct a survey and prepare a quote as early as possible. You don’t need to know your move dates at this point, but having this time consuming job done early and being ready to lock in your move date as soon as you exchange can save you a few days - if not weeks - and mean you are ready to go. During busy periods, it can take a few days to schedule in your survey appointment, usually a further 24 hours to obtain your quote and a few days thereafter to review and gather any extra information needed.

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If you’re worried about price when obtaining quotes then a great money saving tip is to make sure you’ve had a thorough de-clutter and sort out around the house before you start gathering quotes – less stuff to move not only reduces the price but makes packing and unpacking quicker and easier and also makes the house look great for any last minute viewings you might have at this stage.

Preparing early not only means having a mover lined up ready to go on your required date, but it also means you’re likely to get a better price. Always remember that when it comes to removals, increased demand in summer means that resources are booked early and prices can rise for scarce availability if you leave it to the last minute.

2 - Avoid moving on Fridays and weekends

They are by far the busiest and most requested times for removals and time of the year, even more so when moving house in summer as everyone is keen to get in and settled over the weekend to avoid disruptions with obligations to work or school. And it’s not just demand for removal companies either – your solicitors and estate agents will also be busier on a Friday than any other day of the week, meaning you’re more likely to encounter problems with any financial transactions and paperwork on this day. If you can, then try and schedule your move at the beginning or middle of the week – especially if you’re on a tight budget, as there’s more margin for negotiation with a removal company over a mid-week move. If you have absolutely no choice but to move on a Friday then book everything early and make sure you’ve notified your bank and utility companies of the move well in advance to ensure some peace of mind.

3 - Don’t be tempted to hire low quality movers just to save on budget or for availability

Be aware of the risks. Accreditations, experience and recommendations are still important. BAR companies work to an approve code of practice, including terms and conditions that cover pre-payment protection if they cancel your move; a situation that’s very unlikely, but protects you in the event that the unexpected does happen. Things to look out for when booking a BAR company include the level of crew training, insurance policies offered, materials used to pack your goods and reviews from other customers on the BAR website. If in doubt, you can read our guide on the importance of using a BAR registered company here.

4 - Pre-empt the unexpected

Sometimes, no matter how hard you plan, the unexpected can happen. If you’re worried about your move date changing and your preferred mover therefore not being able to fit you in then you should consider taking the cancellation waiver with your booking (if offered by your removal company). For a small extra fee you won’t lose your money if you have to move your date at the last minute.

5 - Don’t forget the kids

If you’re moving house in summer then it’s highly likely it will coincide with the summer holidays. Moving can be a stressful time for children as it is, so it’s really important to make sure none of the extra stress you might encounter with arranging your move rubs off on them. Make sure you spend some time preparing them for the changes that lie ahead – perhaps they’ll be going to a new school after summer or are moving away from family members that they see regularly – and always be positive about your new home and the life you’ll have there. For more tips about preparing children for the move and how to entertain them on move day, read our articles here.

6 - Surviving Moving Day in the hot weather

In the week leading up to moving day, make sure you’ve prepared your schedule. Check what time the removal crew are due to turn up, make sure you’ve packed everything that has been agreed on your inventory and inform your removal company if there’s anything extra to be moved or you need extra packing boxes, double check your arrangements for child care or pet sitters, prepare your car if the journey between properties is going to be a long one.

Pack an essentials box that includes plenty of water and cold drinks, especially if you’re moving on a hot day. There’s nothing worse than getting to your new house and having to waste time hunting down your essentials before bed time. And chances are in this heat the first thing you’ll want to do after the removal crew leaves is have a nice cold shower. One of our best tips for moving in hot weather (and surviving!) is to keep towels, a wash bag, changes of clothes and some bedding in your car so that you can freshen up and get ready for bed without any stress. If it's particularly hot then perhaps consider purchasing some fans to set up in each bedroom once you're in to ensure a good night's sleep!

For more information on preparing for your house move, visit our Moving House Checklists and Guides page where you’ll find everything you need to know.

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