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Top tips for decluttering when moving house

Posted by Bournes Moves - June 17, 2020

decluttering for moving house

Image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Moving house is a great time to bite the bullet and de-clutter your belongings so that only those items you really want and need make it to your new home.

Benefits of de-cluttering before you move

1. Make packing and unpacking quicker and easier

Packing can be one of the most time consuming parts of a house move. Making sure you're not wasting your time packing and unpacking items you don't want or need is a great way to speed this up - you'll also need less boxes!. (p.s. if you hate packing ask your moving company if they offer packing services. These make moving house so much easier and might cost less than you think!).

2. Save Removal Company costs

Part of a Removal Company cost is determined by the amount of items you are moving (often called the 'volume'). De-cluttering helps you to avoid un-necessary costs of moving things you don't need. 

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3. Raise extra funds by selling items 

If you don't need or want something there may well be someone else who does! Selling into 2nd hand market places is really easy with online selling sites or traditional auctions. Why not use the money to help pay for moving costs or to buy something you really want for your new home?

4. Help someone else by donating something they might need

Many charities rely on the generous donations of their communities to provide important items to those who can't afford them, or to sell in their shops to raise funds for good causes. By donating things you don't want or need you can play an important part in improving the life of someone who really needs it. 

5. Start fresh in your new home!

Having extra space and less clutter is a great way to settle in quickly in your new home, especially if you're starting a new adventure and welcome a fresh start!

Should you clear out your unwanted items before or after moving?

Typically you should de-clutter BEFORE the move to make the process easier and to save those Removals costs. However, there may be some occasions where de-cluttering after moving might be a better idea - for example if you're moving in a hurry and don't have time to sort through everything before you go. Just make sure to take the time to do it before unpacking else you might never get round to it! 

How to de-clutter for your house move: A Step-by-step guide

Here's our top tips for how to de-clutter before moving house (click the image to enlarge). De-cluttering before moving house Infographic

What's next?

All de-cluttered and ready to move? Then it's time to get organised for your move, here's some great resources to help!

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Good luck with your move!


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