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Bournes Moves as a BAR removals company

Posted by Bournes Moves - November 4, 2020


Bournes Moves is a British Association of Removers (BAR) registered member. This means services have been pre-vetted and inspected to reduce the risk of anything going wrong during your house move.

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What is the British Association of Removers?

The British Association of Removers is the leading professional association for UK removal companies. They are dedicated to promoting excellence in the removals industry, Its core purpose is to provide customers with a selection of pre-vetted, independently assessed moving companies.

Why is independent assessment important? 

With so many options (reputable and otherwise!), it can be hard to try and narrow down your choice of Removal Company. It's important to make sure you've chosen a reputable mover and avoid falling into common traps leading to bad experiences.

Independent assessment means that an industry expert has pre-vetted your options for you to narrow down those that tick all the boxes to ensure you have a safe and positive move experience. 

If you're moving - look for the badge!

What does being a BAR member mean?

The main benefits to you of choosing a BAR removal company are:

1) All BAR Members must meet a standard of quality

BAR removal company members are regularly inspected to meet stringent criteria. By using a BAR registered removal company, you can be confident that they will be properly and professionally equipped to carry out your move.

BAR membership criteria includes:

Members must prove their capability, competence and resources to safely manage and operate their business in the following areas:

  • Financial standing  - including credit checks to demonstrate financial stability. 
  • Good repute of owners and management - including criminal and financial checks. 
  • Insurance coverage - to protect the customer against loss or damage to their belongings during the move.
  • Premises - including suitable office and warehousing/storage facilities that are safe, secure and well maintained.
  • Staff - including uniform; training, experience and qualifications; as well as proper contracts and employment practices. 
  • Vehicles - including holding a valid operators licence (if legally required) with a qualified transport manager as well as demonstrating vehicles are well maintained and serviceable.
  • Packing materials and equipment - to ensure appropriate size, shape, strength and quality of materials is provided to move belongings safely. 
  • Administration activities - including accurate marketing and sales practice;  adequate and professional quotations and contracts; after sales service (including complaints resolution), environmental policy and adherence to GDPR privacy regulations. 

2) All BAR Members must abide by a strict code of practice

The BAR code of practice sets out procedures that member companies must follow to ensure they trade in a professional and reasonable manner to reduce the stress of the moving experience for our customers. It sets out how you can expect us to behave in the areas of:

  • Standards of service
  • Our advertising
  • Your contract, terms and conditions
  • Insurance protection
  • Premises and resources
  • Cancellation of services
  • Complaints, disputes and claims 

 For a full copy View the code of practice on the BAR Website

3) BAR members offer an advance payment guarantee

It is standard practice to pay your removal company in advance of your move. BAR members provide an advance payment guarantee so that in the unlikely event that they suffer financial failure before your move date you will not lose this payment. 

IMPORTANT: Some BAR members only offer this guarantee for moves within the UK, others like Bournes offer the guarantee for any mover, wherever in the world. Make sure to check which level of cover is provided - you can ask to see their APG certificate OR check the logo displayed on their website which will state the level of cover below. Here's ours!

Bournes APG Logo - Worldwide Cover 300px

Click here to view the terms and conditions of the BAR advance payment guarantee.

4) Independent Dispute Resolution

And if it still all goes wrong? Don't worry. Although poor service or mistakes are the exception rather than the rule, in the event that something DOES go wrong, the BAR provides advice and support should you experience a problem with your BAR removal company through their Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution Service which is operated by the Furniture Ombudsman to ensure a fair resolution.


The Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman
Premier House
First Floor
1-5 Argyle Way

Tel: 0333 241 3209 | Web: fhio.org

So if you want your move to run smoothly, ALWAYS check that the removal companies you’re receiving quotes from are members of the BAR.

What next? 

Find out more about the UK Removals Services Bournes Moves provide 

For more details about the BAR, visit the BAR website

Still wondering why you need to use a BAR removal company?

If you're still not convinced why your removal company needs the BAR seal of approval then take heed from these 'move day horror stories' from a project we worked on with Rightmove.....

Don't wave goodbye to your worldly possessions...

We waved our two removal trucks goodbye 10 years ago now…and that was (nearly) the last we ever saw of them. Apparently, the drivers stopped at a rest area car park, got drunk and had a picnic whilst everything was stolen from out of the back of the trucks. They did turn up at the new home – two days later – as they had managed to retrieve our TV, which they duly delivered smashed to pieces, and a small cat in a basket that wasn’t ours (we had our pets with us in my car). We lost everything we owned in one hit and it took months to sort this all out with the insurance people. True story!"

Make sure you get what you paid for...

“Our move was kind of quick (we had 3 days’ notice!) so we booked a removal company and told them to turn up at 8am as it was a 3 hour drive and we wanted to have enough time to load up. It just went downhill from there; they couldn’t speak a word of English and wouldn’t help load the van. My dad made it clear that no monies were being handed over unless they did their job! They stuffed the bags of clothes and boxes etc at the back, cooker etc at the front and then realised that nothing else would fit. I had to leave clothes, the microwave, curtains etc at the flat, for which I was fined by the Council.
“When we finally arrived the men dumped everything in my driveway and stood there holding their hand out. My dad told them again to do their job or no money and after dumping EVERYTHING in my dining room (which is tiny) again held their hand out!”

Make sure you work with qualified, experienced, trained staff...

“Knock knock! You open the door. Your movers have arrived. Except they are an exceptional crew consisting of a 65 year old man, an illegal immigrant who doesn’t speak any English as he was randomly picked up at a gas station, and a waitress from your local McDonalds. They all admit this is going to be the first move in their lives, except the older gentleman who claims to be the crew leader. He believes in himself and his team. This happened to me 3 years ago; funny now, looking back!”

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