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How much does an International Removal Company cost?

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - November 12, 2014

One question we are asked regularly is "how much will my international removal cost?" The answer is not as simple as it may seem.

Some of the factors included in the costs of international removals services are:

  • Type of service (e.g. exclusive full container, or shared load)
  • Speed of delivery
  • Volume of items shipped
  • Packing requirements including any crating
  • Special requirements like dismantling or tricky access
  • Where you are moving from and to
  • When you are moving

How much does an International Removal Company cost?cost of international household goods shipping

Costs are determined by:

  • the volume of goods you wish to ship overseas Download the international shipping volume calculator
  • the type of goods you wish to move (is there lots of packing involved? Does something need special protection? Is something going to be hard to get out of the house?)
  • how quickly you need your belongings to arrive
  • the services you choose (packing, insurance, crating, handyman)
  • the move plan (how efficiently a move can be planned based around your own time constraints)
  • your special requirements (out of the ordinary items for example, or additional collection points)
  • access to your origin and destination properties and the distance from the ports
  • the type of company you choose to move with (for example the quality certifications and accreditations they might have)
  • when you want to move (peak periods can affect pricing if demand is higher or lower than usual)

The best way of getting an accurate price for YOUR move is to arrange a home visit with a moving company. This move consultation should always be free and provide you with a no obligation quotation which will help you find out what you really need to budget and ensure there are no nasty surprises when you come to your move.

But why are different companies prices so different when they are the same quality?

We’re also often asked how different companies prices can be quite varied, even if they all meet the same standards and are quoting on the same services,the first thing we'd point out is carefully comparing your quotations are like for like and making sure quality levels are the same. Check out this blog post to help you compare the soft factors. Comparing removal company quotations.

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But there are also other factors that might mean your costs are higher or lower than others, probably too many to list but here’s some scenario’s that give you an idea..

  • if you’re the last customer that fills up a groupage shipment the company might discount your quotation to encourage you to book with them so that they can fill the container and get it shipped to improve service times for all customers
  • if they already have a vehicle in your area to do the collection they might be able to split some of the transport costs with the other customer(s) to allow everyone a discount
  • if the removal company has a quiet week or day they might discount your move as they’d rather do a move at cost than having to pay staff who have no work to do
  • alternatively if it's peak season or one company is already fully booked you may have to pay a higher premium to get your company of choice

So, as you can see “what is the cost?” and “why does it vary so much?” are similar to asking “how long is a piece of string?” – the best way to find out if you’re not sure is to ask your moving company directly. They should be honest and transparent in their pricing and should be happy to tell you how they arrived at their costs to give you confidence you’ll receive the service you’re looking for.

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 Want to know more about International Removals?

Check out The Ultimate Guide to International Removal Companies to find out everything you need to know to find a great mover and have a smooth move. 

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