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The Average House Removal Costs for 2020

Posted by By Bournes Moves - October 30, 2019

THE MOST frequently asked question from people regarding house removal costs and working out how to get their belongings to their new home is "how much does a removal company cost?".

At Bournes, we move thousands of people in London, Kent and Sussex each year, all with varying requirements and budgets. The cost of using a removal company will vary for each move, and depends on several factors which are explained further in this blog, but here are some average estimated removal company costs in the South East to give you a rough idea:

Typical estimated cost of removal companies:

Size of House 

Estimated Removals Cost (based on a move in South East England up to 25 miles, excluding packing service)

Estimated removals cost including Packing service

2 Bedrooms £370+ £545+
3 Bedrooms £555+ £815+
4 Bedrooms £705+ £1040+
5 Bedrooms £920+ £1440+
6 Bedrooms £1030+ £1680+


If you want to work out your personal guide price for removals in South East England you can use our calculator or get a free, no obligation fixed quote. 

Get your free personalised removals quote

Thinking of moving yourself instead? Before you make your decision it's important to review the pros and cons carefully.  Check out our top reasons to hire a removal company

How much do REMOVAL SERVICES cost?

According to a removal company survey by Rightmove, on average most home movers have a pretty accurate idea. The majority of respondents offered a reasonably accurate ballpark figure.

However, the range of guesses among those asked varied considerably, especially depending on whether people had moved before or not – for example, of those guessing the price to move the contents of a 3/4 bedroom house, the answers ranged from £400 up to £2000 with average guess at removals costs being £1008 and the highest guess being £5000

Average house removal costs 2020

So although the average cost was nearly right enough, the range of answers given varied massively. This might suggest that people are only aware of what it would cost them to move based on the size of their house and are unaware of the fact that the overall price is always dependent on a whole range of issues unique to the customer  and their specific requirements.

Why does the cost of using a removal company vary so much?

Every customer, every move and every removal company is different. 

All customers are different and will have different needs when moving. For example your criteria for a 25-mile move won’t match that of someone wanting to relocate to the other end of the country, or to include awkward items or difficult access and your quote should reflect that fairly. That's why we always recommend booking an in home move consultation to get your personal, free, no obligation quote. 

The cost of removals is usually based on several factors including:

  • Volume - overall volume of your belongings to be moved, usually in cubic feet. This is important as it determines a) the size of vehicle required for your move b) how long it will take a crew to pack/ wrap and load your belongings and c) the packing materials required for your move
  • Access - the access at both your origin and destination properties (for example how close a Removal Companies lorry can park to your front door, whether there are any low bridges or tight lanes to get to your property. This is important as it determines what size vehicle can be used and if any shuttle vehicle might be required to transport loads if access is tight.
  • Distance Travelled – between your origin and destination property, this is important as it determines the costs for transport
  • Additional Services - the service elements you select i.e. full or part packing, handyman services, temporary storage or, dismantling of items
  • Special Care Items – any special care items that might require a little extra protection for example crating for a precious picture, grandfather clock or extra wrapping for highly sentimental items.
  • Special Handling Items – any items requiring special handling for example items that might need to be removed via a window, overweight items requiring crane’s or special lifting equipment etc
  • Moving Day - The day you move will affect the price that you are charged. For example, moving on the first or last day of the month will cost more because moving companies are extremely busy on these two days.

Moving costs will also vary between moving companies depending on the levels of service they provide. With smaller Man and Van style companies it's easier to save money as you can expect to pay less compared to removal firms who are members of professional associations such as the British Association of Removers however remember the levels of service you receive may vary.

Get your free personalised removals quote

Want to know more? 

Find out everything you need to know about finding and choosing the right removal company for you with The Ultimate Guide to Removal Companies.

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