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How to pack plates and bowls when moving house

Posted by Bournes Moves - July 9, 2020

If you're moving house and handling your own packing, then some items like china plates and bowls can be tricky. Here we show you what packing materials you will need and how to pack plates and bowls to make sure they are well protected during your move...



how to pack plates and bowls for moving house

To pack your plates and bowls sufficiently to protect them during a house move you will need:

  • packing paper
  • packing tape
  • marker pen

Take a look at our guide to packing boxes and materials to find out more about which boxes you'll need for loading your plates and bowls alongside the rest of your kitchen items. 


  1. Start by stacking your packing paper neatly on top of your packing station, which should be flat, stable and around waist height.
  2. Take the first plate and place it to one side of the paper. Fold one sheet of your packing paper over the top, then place the next plate on top.
  3. Fold another sheet over this plate, then place another plate on top of that.
  4. Repeat the process until you have a stack of around 4 plates.
  5. Tuck the paper neatly around the plates so that they form a bundle, turn them over, then take a couple of separate sheets of paper and wrap again.
  6. You should end up with a neat, compact bundle of plates that are well protected.
  7. When placing inside the box, ensure they are stacked on their side – this will minimise any impact damage should the box be accidentally dropped or knocked in transit.
  8. Mark your box as ‘fragile’ and indicate that the contents include plates or items of china so that a) your removal crew are fully aware of the contents when loading the truck and b) it’ll be much easier for you to unpack when you get into your new home as you’ll know what’s inside the box.

For more tips on how to pack for your house move check out our guide to packing to move house

Looking for professional packing services?

If you're worried about packing fragile items like plates, bowls and other chinaware then choose a removal company that offers professional packing services.

Trained packers will use specially designed packing materials to expertly pack and wrap all your fragile items to minimise the risk of anything getting damaged in transit to your new home. 

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