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Packing boxes and materials for moving house

Posted by Bournes Moves - July 22, 2020

Organisation is the key to any successful move - especially when it comes to packing your own belongings. If you're not sure what you need to get your packing started then here's our guide to packing boxes and materials for moving house.

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What are the best boxes for moving house?

What type of box should I use for packing?

Always use sturdy boxes, ideally boxes that are specially designed for moving - these will be made of a high grade standard of cardboard that is more suited to holding heavy items and protecting them from damage in transit. 

Can I use supermarket boxes to move house?

It depends on their quality, the weaker the box the more chance of risk of damage from getting knocked, dropped or rained on during the move. 

If you are going to use these boxes choose the most sturdy ones you can find and check for any odours left by the previous contents first! 

What size moving box should I use?

This depends entirely on what items you're moving, and you'll likely need a variety. At Bournes, as a professional removals company, we typically use the following types of packing box.

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Standard (medium) packing box

  • Box size: 45cm x 47cm x 51cm.
  • Typically used for: packing china, glassware, toys, pans, electrical items, small appliances.
  • Typically holds: the contents of a single kitchen cupboard.

Small packing box

  • Box size: 45cm x 33cm x 33cm
  • Typically used for: packing books, records, tools, foodstuffs, heavy items, bottles
  • Typically holds: a 3ft shelf of books

Large packing box

  • Box size: 46cm x 47cm x 78cm
  • Typically used for: linen, folded clothes, soft toys
  • Typically holds: bedding for a single bed

Lay flat packing box

  • 88cm x 45cm x 26cm
  • Typically used for:  folded clothes, linens, curtains
  • Typically holds:a 2ft rail or 2 drawers of clothes

Wardrobe cartons

Allow you to load clothes on hangars so they arrive at your new home crease free. If you're moving with Bournes we'll bring these as standard, even if you're not selecting packing services.

  • Box size: These cartons come in 2 lengths (104cm or 125cm)
  • Typically holds: 1.5-2ft of hanging clothes.

Picture/Mirror cartons

Special narrow boxes designed to wrap individual or bundles of pictures or mirrors that need a little more cushioning or don't fit in a standard box. 

Best size boxes for typical items:

a medium carton is the best size packing box for china and glass

Best box for packing china and glass?

A standard (medium) packing box. 

Best box for packing books?

A small packing box (often known as a book carton). Books are really heavy so using a bigger box might make it too difficult to lift. 

Best box for packing clothes?

A large packing box. These can come in a standard taller shape or as a lay flat carton. OR

A wardrobe box. These allow you to move hanging clothes without taking them down and folding them, helping to minimise creasing. 

Best box for packing frames?

A picture carton OR a large packing box with softer items (like cushions/pillows) as padding.

What other packing materials do i need to move house?

As well as your packing boxes you will also need:

  • Un-printed packing paper – for wrapping fragile items and stuffing gaps in boxes to prevent movement (Avoid using newspaper as the print can rub off on your belongings)
  • Bubble wrap – for extra padding on fragile items
  • Packing tape – wide, strong tape to seal the box
  • Permanent Marker – to label boxes (and labels if you don’t want to write directly on them) Scissors and/or pocket knife

where can i buy packing boxes for moving?

You can usually buy packing boxes directly from your removal company, who may offer a choice of brand new or second hand boxes. These boxes will be specially designed for moving house, giving you peace of mind that they are up to the job.

If you aren't using a removal company you can always ask a local mover if they will just sell you the boxes, many will have a packing materials shop for self service movers. Alternatively you can search online for packing materials.

We recommend the BAR Services online packing materials shop which allows you to order your materials and have them delivered to you at home. You can buy items individually or in pre-packed kits containing everything you might need, they even tell you the kind of move each kit is ideally suited to which helps identify which is best for you. 

how do i pack my boxes to move house?

You have two options for packing when you move house.

1. Use a professional removal company to do your packing

Most professional removal companies offer removals services with packing too, and many offer different levels, from full packing to just packing your valuables. Check out Bournes packing options to find out more about the different levels that might be available to you.

Having a removal company do your packing for you saves a lot of time and stress and reduces the risk of anything getting damaged during the move.

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When should I use professional removal packers?

Whenever you want to, there's no special criteria - however, it is especially advised to use your removal company to do the packing for you when:

  • You have a large property
  • You have lots of fragile or valuable items
  • You don't have much time 
  • You are moving long distance meaning a longer road journey 
  • You are moving overseas
  • You are moving via a storage facility where items may stay packed for some time

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2. Do your own packing 

If you prefer to do your own packing when you move house check out our guide to packing to move house

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