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How to pack fragile ornaments for moving house | Video tutorial

Posted by Bournes Moves - July 1, 2020

If you’re moving house and handling your own packing then some items – like your fragile ornaments and figurines – can be particularly tricky.

Here we show you how to pack fragile ornaments by using the correct packing materials so that they are well protected during your move.

How to pack fragile ornaments to move house

Before you start you will need the following packing materials:

  • Packing paper
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • tape

Find out more about the packing boxes and materials you might need when you move house and how to choose the best ones for each item. 


  1. Start by placing your ornament on top of your packing paper.
  2. Taking your tissue paper, carefully wrap around the ornament making sure to cover any particularly delicate parts well.
  3. Once you’re happy that everything has been covered, lay the ornament down flat on top of your packing paper.
  4. Take a couple of sheets and roll the ornament, tucking the paper as you go to ensure it’s tightly wrapped.
  5. Tape down if necessary.
  6. Clearly label the box you’re packing your ornaments into as ‘fragile’ and give details as to what’s inside to make it easier for the crew to load and also for you to begin unpacking once you reach your new home.

Looking for professional packing services?

Packing fragile ornaments can be tricky, and that can be worrying, especially if they are highly valuable or sentimentally important to you. If you are worried then think about choosing a removal company that offers professional packing services.

Trained packers will use specially designed packing materials to expertly pack and wrap all your fragile items to minimise the risk of anything getting damaged in transit to your new home, they can even make custom crates for larger fragile items. 

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