Mindfulness and Wellbeing at Work for Global Mobility Professionals Event - Meet the Speakers

Posted by By Bournes Relocation Solutions - June 25, 2018

Bournes Relocation Solutions upcoming event for Global Mobility Professionals aims to help attendees develop their mindset to impact their performance, manage stress and improve the way they think and feel. 



The event features two great expert speakers who will share practical ideas and and resources to help guests develop new skills.


Mindfulness and Wellbeing at work for Global Mobility professionals is an afternoon of Personal Development focusing on work life balance, leadership, career coaching and mindfulness. 

When? Monday 9th July 2018 from 2.30pm to 6pm 

Where? Savills, 33 Margaret Street, London, W1G 0HD

Who is the event for? Global mobility professionals. 

Find out more or view the agenda and register your interest in attending by clicking the link below. 
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Meet the expert speakers

Session 1 - The Power Mindset - by Haydn Bratt, Mindset Associates

Haydn's session aims to teach us how to develop our very own 'Power Mindset' by:

  • Explaining how our thinking processes can positively impact our performance and the way we feel
  • Identifying 4 key thinking practices that will boost personal effectiveness
  • Helping delegates create positive habits by changing the way we think

About Haydn Bratt

Haydn Bratt Mindset Associates

Haydn loves learning and people. He has over 20 years experience of making development fun. His first class thinking coupled with latest neuroscience inspires his clients and makes learning stick.

Haydn believes by focusing on the key differences and changes that we can make to our thinking we can develop powerful pro-active habits that make a real difference to the results we achieve. He loves helping people at all stages of their career to think and act differently to improve their mindset and generate highly effective success strategies that deliver outstanding results both personally and in the organisations they lead. 

Haydn is an ICF Approved professional and Executive Coach. 

Find out more about Haydn Bratt on LinkedIn 

Mindset LogoAbout Mindset Associates

Mindset Associates are passionate about making the world a better place by improving the way teams are led by enabling them to think and act differently to create great experiences for internal teams and their customers by driving outstanding growth and better places to work. Their innovative approach creates success through comprehensive organisational diagnostics and a series of highly effective behaviours that form into positive habits - helping their customers understand and implement small, critical changes with immense impact. 

Session 2 - Mindfulness as a route to Stress Management - by Graeme Green, Passe-Partout Consulting

Introducing his session Graeme explains "The practice of mindfulness is increasingly recognised as delivering tangible benefits across all walks of life, from home to the classroom, as well as in the workplace. It establishes a solid foundation for our individual wellbeing, developing:

  • attention and focus
  • adaptability
  • emotional regulation
  • calmness and quiet within
  • personal resilience
  • empathy and compassion

Developing awareness facilitates a connection with what is happening in our bodies, as well as our mentally and emotionally. However the practice of mindfulness goes beyond awareness, it offers us tools which we can engage to relieve some of those unwanted or unwelcome mental and emotional experiences.

In this short introduction you will learn why mindfulness enables us to balance our emotional behaviour and how our bodies react to rises in our stress levels. You will also have the opportunity to experience what a mindful practice can be like. Hopefully you will be inspired to investigate how mindfulness might return some peace and balance to your life."

About Graeme:

Graeme Green

Graeme Green is a trainer and coach. His background is just under 30 years in the London insurance market leading various technical support functions. Since leaving insurance he has dedicated himself to supporting and developing others. He specialises in the delivery of embodied learning and behaviour change, drawing concepts and techniques around emotional intelligence, mindfulness, somatics and constellation processes supporting both professional and personal development.

Graeme is a Mental Health First Aid trainer and is also an Equine Assisted coach, taking individuals and groups to work alongside horses with a view to developing self-awareness and facilitating learning or personal development needs.

Find out more about Graeme Green on LinkedIn

About Passe-Partout:

passepartout logoGraeme is an associate trainer with Passe - Partout Consulting, a company that believes that everyone can grow and succeed if they have a good understanding of their own mindset and motivation. They understand that until recently this might have seemed like a leap of faith but today,with the evidence from longitudinal brain-imaging studies, they know that people are capable of developing their mental agility and resilience well into old age. Their programmes equip people with the insight, confidence and technical ability to achieve in challenging contexts.  They call this breakthrough learning, and all services are designed around helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve their own breakthrough by designing programmes that engage through personal focus and insight, managing emotion and environment to create the optimum learning experience; Equip participants with multiple tools and techniques, from the intuitive to the complex, with delivery formats which make learning stick and Empower learners to take action and personal ownership.

Meet our hosts, Savills

Our event is kindly hosted at the London Headquarters of Savills, one of the world's leading property agents founded in the UK in 1855, Their experience and expertise spans the globe, with 600 offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Savills scale provides wide-ranging specialist and local knowledge, and they take pride in providing best-in-class advice as they help individuals, businesses and institutions make better property decisions. 

Matthew Salvidge SavillsOur host, Matthew Salvidge (Director, Savills Lettings) has 12 years experience in residential lettings in London and the surrounding areas as well as more recently the international market alongside Savills global offices. Matt oversees central lettings functions in Richmond and sits on the divisional board for lettings. 


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