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How to Calculate Your International Shipping Volume

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - March 25, 2015

One of the most frequently asked questions we read on the forum is surrounding the issue of how much space will you need in a container with the belongings you have.

That's why we've developed this International Shipping Volume Calculator which helps you determine how much you want to move by selecting the items in your home.

Download the international shipping volume calculator

Why might you need an international shipping volume calculator?

Good question, if you read some of our other posts you'll see we're strong advocates for the in home move consultation, where someone will visit your home and make the assessment for you. This is definitely the most accurate way of getting a fixed quote for your international move.

That being said, we understand that the research process into international removals often starts waaaay before you're ready for that, and that sometimes you want to explore your options before you start the formal process.

Some benefits of knowing your shipping volume:

  • Helps you budget for International Removals costs so you've got time to save or factor them in to your other emigration plans
  • Helps you understand your options early on. If you've only got say 500 cubic feet then you'll possibly be looking into shared load containers, if you've got more like 1000 cubic feet then an exclusive use container might be the best option for you - this can help you focus your research. Find out more about your shipping options.
  • Helps with 'decluttering' - if you've got a budget in mind and know what volume you can ship for that budget then knowing your starting point is vital for knowing what you need to sell/donate/recycle/throw away to get there.

How to use the Shipping Volume Calculator

It's very easy! If you're planning on sending it to us for a quote when you're done, fill in the personal details and address sections as well as move dates and services. If you're just using this for volume at this stage then you can skip past those bits....

Next just enter the number of each item alongside the item name. If you've got any items that aren't on the list you can enter them in the box and send it over to us to add up for you manually, but please note these WONT be included in the total at the bottom of the page automatically.

What about loose items that will go in boxes?

We've tried to make this easy too. On the second tab is a cartons guide, simply work out the number of cartons you need in each room and add this in the 'boxes' section for that room.

All done?

When you've listed all your items you'll see the estimated volume right there at the bottom of your page, alongside the container.

How do I tweak the volume?

Just go back up the list and change the number of items to see instantly how this affects your overall estimated volume. Easy!

I need help!!

No problem, just get in touch. Email us on international@bournesmoves.com or call us on 01797 228000 and we'll be happy to help!




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