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Where to live in Belgium: popular expat regions

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 19, 2014

Famous for its beautiful landscapes, lively culture and exceptional beer and chocolates, Belgium is a great place to consider if you’re currently planning a move to or within Europe. If you’re unsure about which part will best suit your needs though, then read on for our tips on popular expat regions in Belgium. Most of the locals can speak English making it a great place to reside.

Where to live and work in Belgium

If work is a top priority when considering where to live in Belgium then anywhere in or around Brussels will be a good choice.

Home to the headquarters of some of the biggest worldwide organisations (the EU and NATO being just two), this is a great place to either start or build your career.

Jobs here tend to be well-paid, and employees get more legal protection and annual leave (up to five or six weeks in some cases!) than most other countries.

Family expat regions in Belgium

If you’re looking for a place that caters well for every aspect of family life when moving to Belgium then Waterloo should be top of your list. A small town on the outskirts of Brussels, you’ll find pretty much everything you need here – from high street shops and shopping centres to affordable housing and great international schools. Its proximity to Brussels is a plus point if you’re also looking for work, too. Expats living in Belgium may find that living in Brussels is quite expensive, making the choice of towns like Waterloo an increasingly popular choice regarding affordability and location.

Popular expat cities in Belgium

One of the trendiest and most popular locations of choice for anyone craving non-stop culture and entertainment, Antwerp is a fantastic place to live in Belgium. Needless to say, the atmosphere is vibrant and eclectic both by day and night.

With lots of restaurants, bars and clubs to satisfy the growing population of young adults collecting here thanks to the university and expanding job opportunities. You’ll find a real mix of cultures and nationalities here, so there really is something for everyone.

Most of the more affordable housing can be found in the Northern part of the city, where there’s a mixture of traditional houses and trendy apartments.

Where to live in Belgium: if you’re a student

Thanks to its up and coming university, the city of Ghent is fast becoming a popular choice amongst expats wanting to study abroad and looking at Belgian cities.

The most popular regions in the city for expats tend to be Muinparkwijk (for affordable housing), Patershol or Prinsenhof (two lively, central areas with traditional cobbled streets, restaurants and museums).

Families can live comfortably on the outskirts of major cities, where a more rural life can be enjoyed but access to the city is still quick and easy.

Where to live in Belgium: if you’re retiring

If you’re looking for peace, tranquillity and acres of rolling countryside in your retirement and wondering where to live in Belgium that can cater for that then Tervuren is just the place. Houses here generally tend to be big (real estate can be expensive) with acres of land.

And although you’re close enough to Brussels, you’d need a car to get about from day-to-day, giving you a real taste of quiet, country life.

Moving to Belgium?

As an expert international removal company, Bournes can guide you through the processes involved in preparing to move to Belgium. This includes guidance on what you can or can’t take with you on an international move, what kinds of household goods you can import and what is frowned upon or banned. In many instances there are issues of quarantines and examinations - the Bournes service can help you prepare for quarantine examinations as well as customs clearance to help make your trip a much smoother ride.

Using moving companies or a specialist international removal company will significantly reduce the risks involved when importing goods to Belgium as you will be given all the advice needed with an online quote to guide you through pricing decisions.

Another benefit of using a specialist removals company is the added help with the packing and preparation process. Bournes helps clients by taking the stresses of relocation out of the equation. Focus can be put on your personal relationship, admin tasks in getting work transfers in order and even thinking more about your social life. Leave the hard work to us.

There are some great advantages of reaching out to an international removal company. Packing and administration is one aspect, but helping you deal with and fill in all the essential paperwork and documentation can be an exceptionally great relief as well.

Whether travelling or relocating to Belgium for work or study, documentation for living in the country still remains a frustrating necessity and having the correct paperwork makes all the difference in streamlining your move process. We’re not joking when we say we hold your hand throughout your entire move or relocation, so reach out for a quote or to find out more about how we can help facilitate your international move.

Find out more about our European Removals Services to help with your move to Belgium.

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