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8 Top International Removals Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - November 11, 2014

Here are some of the top international removals frequently asked questions

1) When should I get a quote for international removals?

Bournes International Moves average customer gets in touch with us 3 months before their expected move date, this gives enough time to arrange a move consultation, compare your quotes and then arrange all the necessary planning and paperwork with your selected removal company. However, don’t worry if you don’t have that long, we’ve helped customers with as little as a few days’ notice and are experienced in knowing what needs to be done and how to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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2) How much do International Removals companies cost?

The cost is different for every move. There are lots of contributing factors such as the volume of goods you want to move, the properties you’re moving from and to, the country and the area you’re moving to, any special items, how you’d like it moved. We provide free, no obligation quotes based on your individual needs so you can understand all your options up front. Read more about how to your international removals costs might be determined.

3) What should I take with me when I move to....?

For some items there is a black and white answer, for others it's down to personal opinion. You should consider:

  • What you can and can't take based on your destination countries restricted/prohibited items.
  • What will/won't work based on differences in electrical systems 
  • What will/won't fit in your new home, or might come pre-installed
  • The cost of shipping vs. the cost of replacing items new at destination - remember some countries are more expensive on certain items so it might be more costly than you think to buy new. 
  • The time it will take to replace everything (and the stress involved in sourcing everything new)
  • The cost of renting a furnished place short term whilst you buy everything
  • Your sentimental attachment to the things that make your house feel like a home.

4) Are there any extra costs involved in an International Removal?

This is a good question to ask your International Removal Company and can change depending on who you are moving with. 

All Bournes International Moves quotes aim to be fully transparent. Typically all relevant costs are included in your price. The only exceptions may be third party costs that are not yet known, for example Quarantine or Inspection fees, which are payable locally if an inspection takes place. We will make sure we explain any costs that are not included in our quote to you in advance so that there are no hidden surprises.

Typically duties and taxes for any items that are not eligible for duty free import will not be included in your removals charges and will be payable locally on arrival. Ask your removal company to explain the requirements for duty free import so you can understand potential costs early. 

5) What if I’m not ready to receive my belongings when they arrive?

No problem, most movers can arrange storage at their destination warehouse so that you’re goods are ready and waiting for delivery just as soon as you’re ready.

6) Can I do my own packing for an international removal?

For some destinations yes, although we generally advise our customers to allow us to do the packing due to the customs implications (if you import something you shouldn’t) and the risk of damage (did you know a container ship moves up to 7 different ways?). Don't underestimate the advanced level of packing skills required for nternational moves!

There are also insurance implications for owner packed shipments and we may only be able to offer total loss insurance on boxes you’ve packed yourselves. Why not ask for a quote to show packing as an optional service? It might cost less than you think.

7) Can I ship my car when I move overseas?

Absolutely, we can ship your car (or motorbike) either in combination with your household goods or separately. We use specialist equipment including blocks and braces as well as customised over-casing where necessary to ensure both the vehicle and household goods parts of your consignment are well protective at the same time as offering you a cost effective shipping method.

8) Can I take my pets with me when I move abroad?

Usually, yes. We work with a specialist pet shipping company who will explain everything you need to know about moving aboard with a pet including any vaccinations or paperwork required as well as if you’re allowed to import certain types of animals into your destination. We can arrange all of this on your behalf alongside your household goods move.

Want to know more about International Removals?

Check out The Ultimate Guide to International Removal Companies to find out everything you need to know to find a great mover and have a smooth move. 

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