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Living abroad blogs for expats

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - September 19, 2016

Moving abroad? You’re not alone – thousands of people emigrate every year, making the expat community one of the biggest and friendliest to be part of. Wherever you’re going, someone else has been there before, so if you’re looking for advice then it doesn’t get much better than that of those who are already treading the path you’re about to take.

Looking for inspiration? Read a living abroad blog

Many people make the trek to a foreign country for a number of reasons. Some to try the expat life for a short while, and some who have travelled the world for over ten years, fell in love with a country, and just stayed. Whatever their reasons, most expats generally report positive experiences about their exciting journeys abroad with many documenting them in blog posts or vlogs.  

Here are some of the best expat blogs to read if you’re moving abroad…



Live Work Travel USA
Having lived in 18 States over the past 11 years, Dan is something of an expert when it comes to expat life in the USA. He left the UK, moving to America to follow his wife, and they haven’t looked back since. Dan’s blog offers lots of advice on how to plan and prepare for your move to the U.S., as well as practical tips for settling in and travelling around America.
https://twitter.com/LWTusa   @LWTusa


Toronto Newbie
Charlotte is a British journalist living in Toronto, having made the move there from London in 2012. While there’s not a lot of information on the technicalities of moving to Canada, Charlotte gives lots of detailed recommendations on all of the fun things to see, do and eat in and around Toronto. Given her background in journalism, Charlotte isn’t afraid to shy away from tackling some more in-depth topics on immigration, and her articles are regularly featured in several well-known Canadian and British online news publications.

New Zealand

Young Adventuress
If there’s one way to describe Liz Carlson’s blog, Young Adventuress, it’s that it is completely packed with personality. Liz has blogged her way across 40 countries over the last ten years, having left her home in America to live and work in Spain initially, and eventually moving to New Zealand. Liz is paid to travel and write about her adventures, so she has some great advice for people specifically looking to work abroad, as well as lots of tips for young women travelling alone. As well as travel, photography is Liz’s main passion, so expect to see some stunning pictures from her adventures across the globe in addition to the diary-style entries documenting her life abroad.
https://twitter.com/YoungAdventures @YoungAdventures


Paris In Four Months
After coming to Paris from Sweden for four months to learn the language, Carin fell in love and made a permanent move to France in 2013. A truly beautiful montage of her daily life, Carin’s blog is of editorial quality and takes you on a journey through the fashion, food and culture that defines Parisian life, as well as offering plenty of tips on how to plan for and survive a move to France. Having established herself as a successful freelance fashion photographer, Carin’s blog is a must-read for anyone who enjoys fantastic photography, or who wants a real insight into the ‘glossier’ side of Parisian culture. If you didn’t want to move to Paris before, you will after reading this.


Diana Elle Blog
Diana is a Mexican expat living in Hamburg, Germany, with her husband and daughter. She documents their daily life in journal-style entries which range from details of daytrips around the city to tips on travelling safely and even how she copes with reverse culture shock when she returns home for visits.
https://twitter.com/DianaElleBlog @dianaelleblog


Geneva Family Diaries
Run by blogging duo Michaela and Celine, Geneva Family Diaries houses a wealth of information about moving abroad. With both girls being mums, the site naturally veers towards expat family life and the trials and tribulations that come with it. As well as informative posts about upcoming events, places to go and things to see in the Geneva area, the blog also offers lots of help and support for expat parents.
https://twitter.com/Gvafamdiaries @GvafamDiaries


4 kids, 20 suitcases & a beagle
Kirsty Rice has lived in 7 countries over the past 13 years – with a husband, 4 children and a dog in tow. A writer by profession, Kirsty’s blog is a compelling and often humorous read that details the everyday trials and tribulations her family face as they split their time between Doha and their native Australia. Kirsty’s diary-style entries tend to focus on the practicalities of her expat life – such as choosing the right schools, running her own businesses, home sickness and even how she coped while receiving treatment for breast cancer abroad – and the emotions they evoke in her and her family.
https://twitter.com/kirsty_rice @kirsty_rice


Olive, Feta and Ouzo
A seasoned expat having lived in 4 different countries over the past 9 years, Amanda and her husband (along with their dog and 3 cats!) are now calling the island of Rhodes home after relocating to Greece. Amanda’s blog journals her day-to-day life as an expat in Greece, and has lots of great advice on things to see and do on and around the island as well as offering traditional Greek recipes and giving more in depth opinion pieces on some of the bigger issues she’s faced during her time as an expat.
https://twitter.com/olivefetanouzo/ @olivefetanouzo


London New Girl
After moving to London from Australia 4 years ago, Kamila set up her blog to try and help others that were making the gigantic leap to a new life in the City. Her blog is a great read, offering advice on everything from where to eat and what to see, right through to how to get a job, moving house, meeting new people and even voting in elections. In fact, her blog is so helpful that Kamila’s recently written a book on the subject (Moving To London: An Aussie’s Guide) and spends much of her time advising people on the practicalities of emigrating to the UK.


Living A Dream In China
After moving to China from Finland in 2010 to pursue her lifelong love of the culture, Sara started blogging her adventures. Six years, a husband and a daughter later and Sara is still documenting her expat life in China. Much of her blog focuses on the cultural differences between the East and the West, and how she adapts and merges the traditions of her old life with those of her new one abroad. Sara offers a wealth of valuable advice on topics like learning Chinese, meeting and dating people in China, Chinese marriage customs and traditions, having a baby, and even renovating a house there. A great read for anyone who wants some honest, friendly advice on where to start when moving to China. 



Living The Turkish Dream
After leaving her hometown of Essex at just 19 years old in 2011, Danni moved 4,000 miles away to Turkey to live with her boyfriend. Now married to him, Danni documents her life as she splits her time between Turkey and the UK, regularly updating readers with information on her daily life and experiences. An honest and interesting account of how a holiday romance inspired a whole new life, Danni’s blog is a great read if you’re looking for more of an insight into the conflicting thoughts and feelings that come with separating your time between two countries, how to deal with the cultural differences between the two and how it impacts on married life.


Surviving In Italy
A hilarious and unashamedly honest blog/website, Surviving in Italy is a must-read for anyone who wants a light-hearted yet informative account of what it’s really like to move to Italy. Writer M.E Evans moved from America to Italy, subsequently meeting and marrying her husband. Her blog not only documents her thoughts and feelings on swapping American culture for a European one, but also has more in-depth essays on absolutely everything you need to know about moving to and living in Italy – from immigration issues to language barriers, she’s got it all covered. Evans’ bold American sense of humour jumps off of every page of this site, making it just as entertaining a read as an informative one, even if you’re not moving to Italy.
https://twitter.com/survivingitaly @survivingitaly


Surviving In Japan
An American expat in Japan, Ashley’s blog is a must-read for anyone contemplating a move there. With clear, concise articles detailing absolutely everything you need to know about moving to Japan – from daily life, food, health, etiquette, being pregnant and raising children, getting a driving licence and even where to shop for your essentials when you get there – this is a comprehensive guide to Japanese life. A great website to bookmark and dip in and out of before and after your move.


Adventures Around Asia
Having trekked her way around Asia after leaving her home in Seattle, Richelle is now settled living and working in China. A fully qualified counsellor at a college in Beijing, Richelle fully embraces her life abroad. Her blog explores the day-to-day adventures and challenges she encounters, as well as offering lots of tips and advice to people planning on moving to China.
https://twitter.com/Adventures_Asia  @Adventures_Asia

Are you an expat blogger? If you have a blog about any of the countries mentioned above – or any that we haven’t featured – then let us know in the comments below!

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