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10 things you may not know about International Removal Companies

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - October 26, 2015

export wrapping a chair for international shippingAre you about to move abroad?

Wherever you're going it's almost certain that you'll need the help of a good international removal company when it comes to getting your stuff safely from one country to the next. If this is your first time moving to another country and you're looking for some extra help then here are 10 things about international removal companies that you need to know...


1. There's more than one way to ship your household goods abroad

Depending on the volume of belongings you're moving and the destination you need to move it to, your international removal company should be able to offer you several options for getting it there. They'll take into account things like the budget for your removal, and how quickly you need delivery at your new home - for example, airfreight is the quickest option for a small amount of stuff, but it's also the most expensive. International Shipping via sea takes longer, but can be more cost effective - particularly if you only have a smaller amount of belongings and opt for a shared container.;

Download the international shipping volume calculator

2. Packing for an international move is a professional skill

When you're moving so far away, packing is particularly important. You need to make sure your items - especially things that are delicate or fragile - are packed to withstand a long journey, with lots of handling, potentially different climates and sometimes rough seas or bumpy flights. Specialist overseas movers usually employ specialist trained packers who know the best ways to protect your items from all the risks they might encounter to reduce the risk of damage, so most of them will offer you some packing options which can be incorporated into your move. Whether you want to have the removal company pack everything for you, just want them to help with your fragile goods or want to do it yourself, there should be an option to suit everyone.;

3. International Removals Companies can usually move your car or motorbike alongside your household goods 

Got a car, van or motorcycle that you need to take with you when you move abroad? Many shipping companies will offer Vehicle Moving services and will be able to handle the shipping of this too, often in the same container as your household goods to provide a cost effective solution for your whole move. This can be a slightly more complicated process than shipping your household items, and there is a bit more paperwork involved, but a good international removal company will have the right equipment (such as loading ramps and blocks/braces to secure items within a container) and expertly trained staff who will be able to deal with all of this on your behalf and ensure your vehicle reaches its destination safely and securely.;

4. They can sometimes help with Pet Transportation too

Pets are a huge part of family life, so it's only natural that a lot of people moving abroad will be looking to relocate their animals too. This can be a stressful thought for many people, but your moving company will understand and be sympathetic to any concerns you might have about moving pets. Some movers regularly work in association with companies that specialise in Pet Transportation and Relocation, and your move coordinator will provide you with a single point of contact and work alongside the pet relocation company and organise everything that's needed to ensure your pet has a safe and comfortable journey to their new home.;

5. Some International Removal Companies help can help you with other relocation tasks, like finding a home...

Believe it or not, there's much more you can get from your shipping company than just help with coordinating and organising your household goods removal. Dealing with such long distance moves on a regular basis means that many companies think beyond the actual move itself, and offer a range of relocation services that can help you settle into your new home before you even get there. Such services can include anything from helping you to arrange visas, open new bank accounts or simply setting up your utility services, right through to helping you find temporary accomodation, look for a new house, searching for appropriate schools and helping your children enrol, and even helping you to set up rental agreements. If you're feeling snowed under by the pressure of setting up your new life abroad then make sure you ask your mover about how they can take some of this stress away from you.;

6. Services like handy men or housemaids can take some of the pressure off move day too

Need things dismantled or reassembled in your new house? Perhaps you need a washing machine plumbed in, or have delicate light fittings that need placing? Or maybe you need someone to help with cleaning and/or organising basic items into cupboards on arrival, while you run some much-needed errands? Ask about extra services like a handyman or housemaid that you can utilise as part of your removal package to help you settle in, so make sure you speak to your move coordinator when planning your move if these are things you think you might need them to arrange on arrival.;

7. You don't have to move all your belongings at once

All moves abroad are different; whether you're going for a pre-determined length of time (long term or short term) or are simply moving without an end date in sight and aren't sure when you might return, one person's requirements differ greatly from another's. For those where commitments back home will remain, it might not be practical to ship all of your stuff in one go.

Perhaps you're renting your house out, or have sold your house and will be needing to buy a new one when you return - or maybe you're going for a long time but want to start settling in to your new house before you ship certain items of furniture all the way out there. Whatever your ciurcumstances, storage can provide a convenient, cost-efftective option to help you out while you are busy making other decisions. A lot of international removal companies offer storage for international moves as part of their removal packages, so if it's something you think you'll need as part of or during your move then make sure you let your removal company know when you start planning your relocation.;

8. International Removals Insurance cover is important 

When it comes to moving your treasured posessions across the world to a new country, peace of mind is hard to buy. But it can be done, which is why so many reputable international removal companies place such great importance on their insurance policies. Naturally, any reputable removal company will want to protect your items and ensure they reach their destination safely and securely - however, accidents can and do happen, and with this in mind an international removals insurance policy covers every eventuality. Comprehensive cover for your goods might seem like an expense you want to skip when costs are mounting up around you, but the peace of mind it brings can be worth every penny when you know that, no matter what happens, you're protected against any unfortunate loss or damage en route. ;

9. Reputable International Removals companies will be regulated to give you the highest level of service and financial protection

Bournes international removals - Member of the British Association of Removers Overseas Moving group

Even when an international removal company can offer all the added extras above that will make your move an easier and more comfortable one, picking the right company to help with your move is a top priority. The one key thing to remember when narrowing down your selection is to ensure that each company on your shortlist is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) Overseas Group.  The BAR is an independent organisation which vets international removal companies, setting a strict code of conduct which they must abide by. This code of conduct ensures that each company uses the highest quality resources, trains their staff and crew members to the highest possible standards. By choosing a BAR Overseas approved international removal company, you can rest assured that you'll be receiving the highest level of service and protection for your relocation.;

10. Your move team will be experienced and full of advice and the latest info to help you and your family have an easy (and enjoyable!) move

Aside from the fact that your move will be handled with care and precision, the best thing about choosing a trusted and reputable international removal company to handle your relocation is the wealth of knowledge that they can share with you.

Their experience in handling moves all over the world means that they are experts on all of the things that you might be finding a little daunting in the early stages of planning your move - things like what documentation do you need for shipping? what can you ship under your visa? What can you and cant you pack? How long should you expect your goods to take when clearing customs? Aside from the practicalities of moving many companies also have loads of info you can use like finding the right area or house to live in, the local amenities, which school to send your children to, what the local laws are, rules and regulations for driving in your new country and much more are all things your removal company can help you with. Some might even have their own blog, where you can read about certain topics relating to your new country in more detail and help the whole family plan and prepare.;


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