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How to save money moving house

Posted by Bournes Moves - February 21, 2020


The cost of moving house can be expensive: from estate agents and solicitors fees to stamp duty and building surveys. That's why we've put together some smart, money-saving moving tips to help you cut the costs of moving house.

You can save money moving house by:

  1. Booking your removal company early
  2. De-cluttering 
  3. Understanding your removals quotes to avoid hidden charges later on
  4. Avoiding moving at peak times 
  5. Choosing the right services
  6. Using second-hand removals boxes

We'll explain more about how to achieve each of these tips below. 

Book your removals company early

Like airlines and hotels, when you book last minute you run the risk that many removal companies will be fully booked (or almost). This might mean your choices are limited or that their prices might increase. 

If you don't know your move date you can still get a quote and provisional agreement so you can quickly confirm once you're ready. Remember, if you wait until you have a fixed date you may need to wait for a survey appointment and for your quotes to arrive. 

BAR removal companies quotes are typically valid for 28 days.

De-clutter your belongings

Part of your removals cost is based on the amount of things you need to move, so the less you are moving the lower your cost. 

Take some time to go through everything and decide what to keep, sell, donate or recycle. Check out our blog on How to de-clutter for moving house  for more tips on decluttering.

P.s. Decluttering can help sell your house more quickly too! Potential buyers will find it more spacious and be able to imagine their own things in your home. 

Understand and compare removals quotations properly to make sure you don't face hidden charges later on

It's a good idea to get three quotes for your move unless you already have a strongly preferred removal company. 

Compare their quotes carefully including:

  • Have they all done a pre-move survey? (This makes sure they are including all your items and know everything they need to know about your property like access and parking).
  • Is the volume or list of items they have quoted to move the same?
  • Are the services you requested all shown?
  • Are you happy with the level of insurance and financial protection offered?
  • Are they reputable and members of the British Association of Removers 

If the answers to these questions are 'no' then there is a risk you might face extra charges later on if they haven't quoted properly or if you aren't contractually protected.  

Check out our full guide to comparing removal company quotations

If all companies quotes cover the same but your preferred company isn't offering the best price you may be able to negotiate a slightly better deal with them. 

Avoid moving house during peak periods

The Removal Industry's busiest times are:

  • School holidays (especially summer!)
  • End of the month 
  • Fridays (as people want the weekend to unpack and settle in)

Prices typically increase when there is more demand for removal companies. If you can plan your move dates outside of these times you might get a cheaper price.

Friday's are also worth avoiding if you can. Completing on a Friday can add risk as any delays might make the move run into a weekend. For example, delays such as paperwork, funds or exchange of keys. This might mean extra charges or a need for your belongings to be stored somewhere until Monday.

Remove any services you don't need

removals quoteCheck if there are any services included in our quote that you don't need. 

For example, if you've asked for a packing service but the price is too high, go back to your removal company and ask them to tell you the price if you did your own packing (if that's something you're willing to do). 

Choose second hand removals boxes

If you're doing your own packing then second hand boxes from your removal company are a great way to reduce your costs.

Some removal companies deliver packing materials to you in advance so it's always worth asking if second hand boxes are available at a reduced cost. Usually these will have only been used once before so will still be perfectly sturdy and capable of protecting your items during your move, 

Ready to get a quote?

Hopefully these tips have helped you find ways to reduce your moving costs. If you'd like to find out how much your move could cost with us we'd love to provide you a free, no obligation quote and provide you some personalised guidance on getting the most for your removals budget. 

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