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Video: how to pack folded clothes

Posted by Bournes Moves - November 17, 2014

If you’re moving house and handling your own packing then some items – like your clothes – can be particularly tricky. Here we show you what packing materials you will need and how to pack folded clothes in order to make sure they are well protected during your move.


What you will need: Box, packing paper, tape, marker pen.

Start by constructing your box. Tape one corner down for easy access whilst packing and line the bottom with a few sheets of packing paper. Make sure the box is lined all the way around and that the paper overhangs across each side of the box. This will be important later on.

Transfer folded clothes straight from your drawers into the box.

Once the box is full, place a couple of sheets of packing paper over the top of the clothes, then cover that with the paper sheets you lined the box with earlier. Tape the box up securely and label it clearly.

For more tips and advice on how to pack other household items for your move, please visit our YouTube channel.

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