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Transport service options for European Removals

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - May 18, 2022


Depending on your individual requirements European Removal Companies may offer different transport options. 

 The best option for you may vary according to:

  • the size of your shipment (also known as the volume of goods).
  • your schedule i.e. when you need collection/delivery and how flexible you can be 
  • how much your budget is 

Although the services may be called different things by different companies, the transport service options for removals to Europe generally fall within three categories: 

  • Part load removals
  • Dedicated date removals
  • Dedicated vehicle removals (sometimes known as exclusive). 

Transport Options

Here's a quick overview of the 3 most popular transport options:

Part load European removals 

(A.K.A Economy service / groupage / shared load service).

Part load shipments are a cost-effective transport method for smaller shipments for clients who can be flexible with dates. With part load services you only pay for the space on the removals lorry that your belongings take up, with other customers moving on a similar route and schedule paying for the rest of the space. 

Your removal company will collect from all customers sharing a trip, clearly label all items and load on the vehicle, distinctly separating the shipments. They will then arrange customs clearance for all the shipments and deliver to each customer one at a time. 

The delivery dates are notified in advance and usually determined by the moving company based on the overall schedule and route of the trip. Collection dates can typically be fixed to your own schedule as storage can be provided if you need collection before the trip is due to depart. 

  • Cheapest for smaller moves
  • Great if you can be flexible on dates

How do part-load shipments work?

part load groupage shipments for europe


Dedicated date European removals

(AKA Direct shared load / dedicated service)

Dedicated date services allow you to select your own collection and delivery date, whilst saving transport costs by sharing any empty space on your vehicle with other customers who fit in with your route and schedule. 

The process is very similar to part load services (above), but everyone fits in with your schedule to allow you to meet the dates that are important to you.

  • Great value for smaller moves with fixed date requirements

Dedicated vehicle European removals

With a dedicated vehicle, you have your own truck for your exclusive use, with the collection and delivery dates chosen by you to suit your personal schedule. 

This is great for larger moves (over 1,200 cubic feet) where your shipment will likely fill most of the space on a vehicle, or if for any reason you do not wish to share space with other customers, or prefer your items to go directly from origin to destination.

  • Perfect for larger moves
  • Best if you need your shipment door-to-door quickly 

Wollerau Switzerland by Aaron Craig

Which European transport option is best for me?

Dedicated (Exclusive) Vehicle

  • Size: Best for large moves (over 1200 cubic feet). 
  • Cost: Best value for large moves, most expensive for smaller loads.
  • Speed: Quickest method of transit.
  • Ideal for: Large moves 

Dedicated Dates

  • Size: Small/Medium moves
  • Cost: Less expensive than a dedicated vehicle as you don't pay for empty space in your vehicle, but more expensive than a part load as you pay for the convenience of choosing your own dates. 
  • Speed: Same as dedicated vehicle + a couple of days to collect/load additional shipments.
  • Ideal for: Small/medium moves with fixed date requirements. 

Part Load (Groupage) Service

  • Size: Small/Medium moves
  • Cost: Cheapest 
  • Speed: Slower than dedicated date/vehicle moves depending on your destination and how many other customers are moving at a similar time as the mover needs to sell the remaining space on your vehicle. (However, it can be very quick if you're the last to fill a truck!). 
  • Ideal for: Small/medium moves when the budget is important but dates are not.

How do I know whether I need a full truck for my move?

Knowing your volume of goods is often one of the first steps in deciding the right method of shipping. Check out our volume calculator to work out how much space you might need! Feel free to send us your results for a free, no obligation quote.

Download the international shipping volume calculator


Want to learn more about European Removals?

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