Bournes UK Removals Insurance

A little extra peace of mind in protecting your move.

Whilst we take every care to ensure your belongings arrive safely and securely at your new home our insurance options give you a little extra peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

We know it can be confusing to compare insurance options when you’ve got quotes from several removal companies, so here we’ve aimed to make the cover we offer as clear as possible so you can make an informed decision.

If you do not take out Bournes Insurance Cover:

Bournes have chosen to make our costs for insurance visible to our customers to allow them to make the choice whether they would like us to carry the risk in the event of an accident by paying an insurance premium or if they are happy to carry the additional risk themselves. 

Limited Liability is the default protection in place for our customers if no optional insurance cover is selected. 

Under our Terms and Conditions, in the event that you do not take out optional removals insurance, the amount of liability we accept, reflected in the cost of your move, is limited to a maximum claim of up to £40 per item and up to £40 for the contents of a carton that is lost or damaged as a direct result of our negligence or breach of contract, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

  • Negligence means being able to establish that the damage was caused as a result of a failure to perform our duties in a way that would reasonably be expected of a removal company in similar circumstances. A good example could be if a neighbours dog escapes and trips a crew member over when carrying an item of furniture, it may be difficult to identify if they were negligent or if this was an accident that could have happened to any reasonable person. 
  • Breach of contract means we did not perform a service that we had agreed to perform to a professional standard. A good example is if we did not use appropriate packing material to protect items within a carton when we're contracted to provide a packing service. 

Bournes operate the British Association of Removers Terms and Conditions as approved by the Trading Standards Institute. 

If you select Bournes Indemnity Insurance:

If you'd like us to carry the additional level of risk in the event of an accident we offer a specially designed Removals Insurance which we arrange on your behalf with our Insurers and includes: 

  • Cover whilst your belongings are in our care and control, subject to our terms and conditions, for the following: 
  • Cover for items we pack for all risks of damage or loss during the course of your removal service in the event of an accident, even if this wasn't a result of negligence or breach of contract. 
  • Owner packed goods are covered for all physical loss/damage excluding breakage, scratching, denting, chipping and tearing unless directly caused by fire or collision as we cannot determine condition of goods prior to the move. This excludes claims for missing items unless an itemised inventory is provided prior to the move.
  • Claim value (repair or replacement) based on the value of a similar item of the same age and condition, taking into account a deduction for wear and tear, up to a total value declared on your acceptance form, not to exceed £50,000 unless a higher value is agreed in advance in writing (may be subject to additional premium). 
  • Mould and Mildew cover as standard (this is not covered by some comparison policies and can be a valuable addition). 

Essentially this cover ensures that in the unlikely event of loss or damage you will be provided with what you had before.

This could be a repair/restoration to previous condition or a payout that equates to the current value of a similar item of the same age and condition, less depreciation, determined by the insurer. 

Our policy is subject to a £50 excess and we ask for a list of single items included in your move that are valued over £1500 so we can ensure the right level of cover is put in place for you. 

You can review our full indemnity insurance terms and conditions here. 

Other Upgrades Available:

  • Pairs and Sets Cover: As standard insurance covers the value of the damaged item only, this extension covers replacing of an entire set if an item cannot be repaired or purchased on its own. 
  • Extend value of goods covered: if your total value of belongings exceeds £50,000 we can provide an extension (Up to £500,000) to
    cover the higher value.
  • Electrical and Mechanical derangement: As standard cover excludes mechanical or electrical damage/derangement unless reasonably attributable to physical damage this extension removes this exclusion for items under 6 years old subject to professional packing by us.
  • Property Damage: Our insurance provides cover for damage to your household goods. This extension
    provides comprehensive cover to also include any damage to your property during the move and can be selected individually for either your collection or delivery address or both. Please note that this is an optional upgrade (additional cost) and cannot be sold as a standalone cover. 
  • Storage Fire Insurance: If any part of your move requires your belongings to be stored by Bournes you can insure your belongings against the risk of fire whilst they are in storage. This
    insurance can be sold alongside removals insurance or stand alone.

If you would like to choose any of these upgrades but do not see these options on your quotation please contact your move consultant. 

Additional notes for moves including storage:

Your insurance premium covers the move into and out of store but separate charges will be applicable for insurance whilst your goods are in store, this will be highlighted on your quotation. Storage insurance can only be agreed if you have taken arranged insurance for your removals service. 


Just tick the box on your acceptance form to confirm you'd like to accept this option and complete the value of your belongings in the declaration box and we'll be happy to arrange this insurance on your behalf.


In the unlikely event of a claim we will do everything we can to make the claims process move quickly and smoothly.

You must notify us within 7 days of delivery of your move and your claim must be confirmed in writing, we will then explain the next steps in the claims process in order for the insurer to evaluate and progress your claim and will assist where possible in completing any documentation.

For property damage claims you must notify us on the day of your move or within 24 hours of the crew departing your premises. 


Please contact your Move Consultant who will be happy to help you compare our insurance options and explain more about what cover each level provides. You can also check out our blog post covering some of the important things you need to know about removals insurance which is especially helpful when comparing your options between different removal companies. 

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