Save up to 60% on Self-Storage

If you don't need immediate access to your unit, our secure, fully insured, long and short-term container storage options can save you money on storage compared to typical self-storage rooms.

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The most common self-storage facilities typically offer you a lockable room or unit that you fill by yourself and access with your own padlock or key whever the facility is open.

Our container storage prices are often more cost-effective than typical self-store if you don't need frequent and immediate access.

We don't charge a premium for instant, self-controlled access but we still make bringing your items into storage and accessing/removing them easy. With Bournes you can rent as many containers as you need and we will store these safely in our purpose-built secure facilitiese. All we ask is that you give us 24 hours' notice so that we can bring your container(s) to our safe access point to load/unload.

Our storage facilities provide a flexible service with optional collection and delivery services, and even packing services or materials to make the whole process of moving items into and out of storage easier for you. 

Read more about the benefits of storing with Bournes.

Why choose Bournes Self-Storage?


Secure storage facilities

Our storage warehouse can only be accessed by Bournes staff who are DBS background checked. When customers wish to access their items their individual containers will be bought to a dedicated viewing area and must be booked in advance.

This means we always have control and visibility over who has access to our site. 

no long contracts

No long-term fixed contracts

Some self-storage facilities require a minimum initial contract (especially if you take advantage of introductory offers).  Our storage prices are per week (or part thereof) so if you want to move out quicker than you initially thought you wont end up paying for space you no longer need.


Save 60% vs. self-store units

If you don't need frequent or immediate access to your storage items our rates are up to 60% cheaper than typical self-storage units*.

You can still access your container with 24 hours notice, so if this works for you there is no need to pay extra for the convenience of instant 7-day-a-week access. 

*based on standard rates for 1 x 250cuft container after introductory offers.

free access storage

No Access Charges

We don't charge you to access your self-storage container. We just need 24 hours notice to bring it to our safe access point (Mon-Fri only). 

Access Assistance

If you'd like help sorting through or adding/removing items from your container our professional moving teams can help for a small hourly fee. Just let us know when you book your access slot and we'll provide a quote. 

collection and delivery

Optional collection & delivery

If you need help moving your items into storage and getting them back again our professional trained removals crew can help. They can even do the packing for you to save you time or if you're worried about your items being damaged. We'll provide a full detailed inventory of items collected and their condition. Just let us know if you'd like a quote.


Park right next to your container

We will bring your container to our safe access point. You can park your vehicle right next to this area allowing you to easily unload/load.

No crowded loading bays, no long walks to your unit, no stairs or tiny lifts, no tight corners. Just easy and safe loading. 

Rye Storage Services

secure storage

Secure Storage

  • Sealed personal container
  • Secure access on request
  • Household furniture storage
  • Business storage
  • Temporary storage between moves
  • Short and Long term options
  • Optional collection & delivery in Rye and surrounding areas
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storage collection

Optional Collection & Delivery

  • Loaded by our team on collection
  • Re-delivered when you're ready
  • Loaded directly into container for security and reduced risk of damage
  • Full inventory provided
  • Electronic location recording
  • Deliver to our warehouse if preferred
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Optional packing

Optional packing

  • Full or fragile only packing service available
  • Professionally trained packers
  • High quality packing materials
  • Custom crating available for fragile or high value items
  • Advance delivery of packing materials for self-pack storage
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Wooden storage container on a forklift truck

Standard Storage Container

from £14.40 per week (inc.VAT) 
Size: 250 cubic feet
Approximately the size of a small garden shed 
(w: 1.6m x d: 2.2m x h: 2.4m)
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large storage container

Large Storage Container

from £36 per week (inc.VAT)
Size: 1050 cubic feet
Approximately the size of a single garage
(w:8ft x h:8ft6" x l:20ft)
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Harbour Road, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7TE


Directions: We are based on Rye Harbour Road. Turn into Rye Harbour road from the A259 and we are approximately 1 mile along the road on the right-hand side before you reach Rye Harbour Village.


Contact our Rye Storage Team

Telephone: 01797228000


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Self-Storage FAQs

Are your storage facilities in Rye Secure?


We own our own storage facilities so we control access completely. Our sites are fully manned during working hours and well secured at all times including comprehensive alarm systems, CCTV and secure perimeter fencing. If you'd like to come and visit our storage warehouse we'd be more than happy to show you around. 

How much storage space do I need?

That depends on the quantity and size of items you need to store. You can let us know the details and we'll calculate the space for you, we can either do this from a list provided by you or we can come out and visit you at home to assess this for you to provide a free, no obligation quote. 

Can I access my things in storage?

Yes, of course! Ideally we need 24 hours' notice to arrange safe and secure access to our storage area so please call our office to book in your visit. 

Can I deliver my things to your storage facility?

Yes, we offer self-storage as well as our standard collection and delivery service.

You will need to book an appointment to bring your items into our storage facility so that we can ensure your container(s) are prepared for you and that you have a safe, secure space to load them. When you book your appointment you can also book extra help from our team to load your container if you need some assistance with the heavy lifting!

Please call our offices to arrange an appointment at your nearest branch.

Is your storage different to self-storage?

Yes. Bournes storage services provide you with a more flexible level of support, whereas standard self-storage offers simply a space that you fill by yourself. 

With our storage services, you can choose collection and delivery services as well as optional packing services or materials to make the whole process easier for you. 

Our prices are typically more cost-effective than traditional self-store if you don't need frequent immediate access. 

Is there a minimum storage period?

No. We have some customers who need storage for as little as a few days whilst they wait for keys to their new home.

We also have some customers who have entrusted their items to our storage facilities for over 30 years. 

Do you offer storage with Collection?


We will bring your container to your property and our crew will safely load all your items inside. The container will then be sealed in front of you and you'll be provided with a copy of the inventory before we return the container into our secure storage warehouse.

We can also collect from another storage facility if you'd like to move your Storage to Bournes.

Do I need to help load the storage container when you collect my items?

No. Our team will include at least 2 people so we can load everything safely for you. 

Can you provide storage as part of a house move?

Yes! In fact, this is our special skill! 

When you can't move directly into your new home and require some items to go into temporary storage the planning and organisation of your move becomes key. 

We can help manage the whole move, including any items being moved directly or elsewhere as well as items going into storage. 

We will provide labels and packing materials to help make sure everything is clearly identified.

We'll also help you create a tailored move plan so everything runs smoothly, even if you need flexibility built-in. 


Can you store large items?

Yes. Whilst most items are stored within our wooden or steel containers we do have additional storage spaces for oversize items. 

We can even store vehicles!

Can the movers dismantle furniture to be stored?

Yes. When you contact us to discuss your storage quote just let us know any items you'd like us to disassemble and if you'd like us to reassemble them if and when we redeliver. 

Our crews are equipped with the appropriate tools and have been trained for the disassembly of most common items or we can provide a skilled handyman for more complex projects. 

Can you deliver from storage back to me?

Of course. 

If you'd like all or some of your items delivered back to you just contact your office to arrange a delivery date. Typically we ask for 2 weeks notice as we can get booked up quickly, particularly at peak times. 

When we deliver your items we'll check them off against your inventory to make sure everything has been returned safely. We'll unload the boxes and furniture items into the room(s) of your choice for you to unpack at your convenience. 

How is the 60% saving calculated?

From our 2022 Market Comparison research, we evaluated the cost of a single wooden storage container (approx 37 square feet) vs. the closest equivalent size unit at our local self-storage room competitors. 

Our saving comparison is based on the standard storage charge after any introductory offer. The average saving was 25% cheaper, up to 63% cheaper vs. some instant access storage units (The comparison did not include containerised storage facilities). 


Solutions for all your storage needs


Rye Removals with Storage

If you can't move directly to your new home our all-in-one removals and storage services make your move simple, whatever your unique challenge. 

We will coordinate all the parts of your move together, including direct moves to and from your temporary accommodation and the collection and redelivery of items for storage.

Find out more about Removals in Rye.

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Self Storage Containers

Bring your items to us, load and seal them in your personal container and arrange collection whenever it suits you. We can even provide packing and wrapping materials if you need them. 

*Cheaper than alternative facilities offering individual storage rooms*

Please note our storage facility does not have 24/7 personal access. Collections/deliveries must be arranged with our office. 

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Construction workers painting walls

Storage for renovations or insurance work

If you need to clear a room or your whole house temporarily to allow for building or decorating work to be done our short term storage solutions are perfect for you.

We can arrange collection, storage and re-delivery once works are complete and can even offer optional packing services. 

Find out more about temporary storage for renovations.

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International Traveller - Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi:

Storage for international moves

If you're moving abroad temporarily for an overseas assignment and need storage for all or some of your belongings, we can help.

We can collect items as part of your international move, separating items for storage and items for shipping with clear labelling and inventory for each group. We'll keep everything safe in our warehouse and then arrange delivery when you return. 

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Door of a new contemporary office building-1

Commercial Storage for local Rye Businesses

We support a range of businesses with their storage needs, from storing office furniture to providing extra space offsite for stock. 

We can also provide rental crates for efficient packing and internal movement as well as archive records storage. 


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