What does a good international relocation experience really mean?

Posted by By Bournes Relocation Solutions - August 5, 2021

A few years ago we changed our customer satisfaction scoring system to try and find out more than just ‘if’ the assignees we relocated were happy, but also why. We wanted to know what it was about their experience that made it a positive one; what made them delighted or when they didn’t feel that way, where had we got it wrong and what could we do to fix it?

Here’s some highlights of what we’ve learnt from our Net Promoter Score customer feedback system recently:

What is important to the assignee?

Promises are delivered 

“Every item delivered in perfect condition including some fairly fragile furniture items. A job well done and took the stress right out of the moving process.”

OK, to have a good customer experience you’ve got to at least get the basics right: Deliver the service you say you will deliver within the time scale and budget agreed. Make sure your chosen provider is qualified and capable of delivering
the service you need and for household goods providers make sure to evaluate their claims and complaints records. (*FIDI FAIM, the worlds most recognised professional quality standard for removals, average claim ratio is <8%)

Feeling supported

“It’s daunting to have to move house in general, but it’s even harder to move by yourself without any friends and family that live nearby to help. Thankfully I had the most wonderful move team who made me feel like I did”

Sometimes we don’t know what it is about working with a company that makes it a good experience, often it's just a feeling that they are ‘on your team’. From providing expert guidance to giving reassurance when it's needed, to doing the heavy lifting.... assignee support with a human connection and personal touch can go a long way.

Feeling informed...

“The coordinator’s services were very good and professional. He took the time to explain the things that I had issues with and kept me informed as he was receiving the information.”

Not knowing what’s going on can be frustrating and stressful, especially when you are relying on that information to make related plans. Making sure your providers have great communication and are responsive is important.

...and having trusted advisors on your side

You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why it's important that assignees trust the team they are working with to pass on their knowledge and experience to help them make the best relocation decisions for them and to make sure they are compliant with the rules and regulations involved in their process.

“My consultant has been beyond fantastic. She has given me all of the information needed to make an informed decision, and took the time to really get to know my needs and search for flats that fit the criteria. She was also incredibly responsive to my questions, and made herself available as needed.”

Remembering we are all human

“The crew who delivered the shipment were really great. They were polite, incredibly helpful, efficient, and friendly. I enjoyed spending the day with them.”

We’re not moving boxes, we’re moving people and we know it's a stressful time for them. At Bournes, we train our crews and customer services teams in many soft skills such as the importance of empathy and customer service as well as
the technical skills of their role to make sure that we don’t forget the emotional side of relocation. It’s important to understand how your suppliers help you fulfil your duty of care obligations for the well-being of your employees.

What does this mean for global mobility?

It is generally agreed that a positive relocation experience helps your assignee get off to a great start, focused on the important things like the job they are there to do and making sure their family is settling in.

We all know price isn’t the only factor in selecting great providers and that quality also plays a big part in driving return on investment; by understanding what a good experience looks like for your assignees and ensuring your vendors can deliver it. The ultimate value is knowing you’ve both alleviated risk and given your colleagues their strongest chance at being the best they can be for themselves and your organisation, and we think that’s a pretty good day’s work!


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