How to write a global move management tender [presentation]

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 11, 2014

How to write the perfect tender for global move management

Our guide How to Write the Perfect Tender gives advice on how to write a global move management tender for international relocation services and includes recommendations and guidelines for ensuring a successful tender process and resulting relationship with your move management or international employee relocation supplier(s).

The guide is aimed at helping both global mobility managers who are beginning their first tender process for global move management services, but also for those who are starting a new tendering process by way of a review of existing move management services or when looking for new relocation suppliers.

There are two elements to ensuring a tender produces the right results - asking the right questions and correct interpreting the responses. Our guide covers what topics to include, how to ask the right questions and the necessary breadth and depth of how to cover each topic.

Included in 'How to write a global move management tender' guide:

  • What information to give participants including what background to give on your company, your requirements and the scope of the services you are looking for
  • How to find out if an organisation is the right fit for you including how to assess financial stability, independent certifications and sustainability
  • How to evaluate processes and service delivery including how to assess day to day account management, technology systems and reporting capability
  • How to write a relocation services rate request that reduces the risk of hidden costs and future problems including tips on rate structures, cost savings initiatives and invoicing

Download 'How to write the perfect tender'

If you are considering going out to tender for global move management services including international removals and/or relocation services and would like to book a free consultation appointment to get further advice and tips from a Bournes expert on how to write a global move management tender or plan your relocation programme, tailored to the requirements of your company please contact us and we'll be happy to arrange to visit you.


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