Harmony Relocation Network UK Member Bournes receive Member Award

Posted by By Bournes Relocation Solutions - June 7, 2019

HRN_logo_CMYKc.jpgHarmony Relocation Network UK member, Bournes, have been awarded 3rd place from over 140 companies globally in the annual 'Member Award' category for 2019.

This goes down as another win Bournes has been able to scoop up for the year so far. For the Harmony Relocation Network, this goes down as win number five, with 2016 being the last big win.

That 2016 award was presented at the Harmony Relocation Network conference in Paris, and like our latest win, acknowledges our continuing hard work and dedication to outstanding customer service to our trade partners and their customers.

Launched in 2013, the Member Award is based on the votes of Harmony Relocation Network members worldwide who are asked to nominate their top three partners in the network of 140 members based on:

  • Responsiveness/Communication
  • Quality of the moved performed
  • Cooperation
  • Professionalism
  • Customer service
  • Any extraordinary accomplishments

Bournes has always been proud of its reputation as a Harmony Relocation Network member providing the highest quality of services. Bournes name has consistently appeared as one of the best performing members achieving 1st place in 2014 and 3rd in 2013 and 2015. Bournes were also the most frequent winner of the previous UniGroup Relocation Network Quality award, winning 3 times since the network was formed in 1993.

Harmony_2015_member_award_3rd.jpgThis year's achievement continues to demonstrate to our network members and their clients that we are committed to building great partnerships and supporting their goals. 

 Find out more about Bournes as a Harmony Relocation Network UK member.

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