Short notice removals - what to do if your mover lets you down

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 18, 2014

Summer is a difficult time if you need short notice removals services for your employees. It's peak season in the relocation industry and with the majority of household goods moves being carried out over the summer period capacity of moving companies can be a real issue, especially where a company has not planned for your peak season relocations or does not have a system for ensuring resources are always available for your employees.

If your approved moving company has let you down at the last minute, don’t panic, here are our top tips in recovering the situation.

What to look for in reputable short notice removals companies

There is literally thousands of removal companies listed on the internet offering their ‘professional’ services, but with the ease of making a professional looking website, how do you know which ones you can really trust?

fidi logoFor overseas removals always look for the FIDI FAIM certification badge. This certification is only held by companies who successfully pass regular external inspections regarding their facilities, processes, employees, quality of services and company standing.

BAR member logoThe British Association of Removals website also has a list of its members for companies in the UK. Members must meet strict standards when it comes to its resources and levels of service so the badge helps identify a mover that takes quality seriously.

Information to give for an accurate quote and a smooth move

Chances are if a mover has let you down at the last minute that you need to work quickly.

This may mean that you don’t have time to follow the normal process for arranging a move, including a home visit from the removal company’s move consultant to assess the assignees individual needs and the volume of their move.

Before you start make sure to confirm availability for the dates you need.

If you have a survey report from another company that were supposed to be doing the move then share this with the company you’re requesting quotes from. The more accurate information you can provide the better their ability to plan and deliver a successful move. Share whatever information you have on volume, access issues and any special items that might need additional protection or special handling.

If your employee hasn’t yet had a home survey then it’s always best to try and arrange one, however if there isn’t enough time then some companies like Bournes offer an online self-survey to help us accurately assess the requirements of moves where a home visit isn’t possible.

Need help or advice?

If you are worried about capacity over the summer read our article on preparing for relocation peak season.

If you are in need of a relocation service provider we can help. Bournes flexible resources as part of the UniGroup relocation network means we are experienced in coping with short notice and emergency moves with the ability to proactively respond quickly to changing situations and the personal service of our customer service experts mean your assignee will receive all the help they need to make a difficult situation easy.

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