If you have selected our full packing service you don’t need to do anything to prepare your items to move.

In your move plan we will specifically list any tasks that you have not selected for our crews to undertake and which will therefore be your responsibility to complete prior to the crew arrival, These may include:

Self-assembly furniture
If this requires dismantling for moving this will need to be done prior to the move. Please let us know if you’d like our crews to handle this for you and we can include this in your quotation.

Attics and lofts
If the attic or loft is not boarded and lit or does not have safe access our crew cannot enter. Any attic or loft items will need to be taken down and placed in another room ready to be moved.

Cookers / washing machines / fridges and freezers
Fridges and freezers will need to be defrosted in plenty of time to be dried thoroughly before moving. Cookers will need to be disconnected (by approved CORGI agents for gas cookers) and washing machines drained. Washing machines should be secured with the brackets supplied by the manufacturer for transportation.

Fixtures and fittings / curtains / blinds
Fittings will need to be taken down ready to be packed and moved by the crew. If you'd like our handyman to assist with doing this please let us know.

Garages and sheds
We cannot transport flammable substances (e.g., tins of paint, gas bottles, etc) and therefore request that these items are sorted with rubbish and discarded in advance

Access / Parking
We would advise letting your neighbours at both collection and delivery address know of your move date if our vehicles are going to cause them any inconvenience. If it is required and you have not asked us to do so on your behalf please ensure any parking arrangements are made in advance.

Packing If you have chosen a self or part pack move all your packing will need to be done ready for our crew to arrive. Please let us know if you decide closer to move day that you need a little extra help with your packing and we can arrange for our crews to assist.

If you have chosen to do your own packing it is important to use the appropriate containers for different items. Click here to view our guide. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation for pre-delivery of cartons and packing material for you to use.


Contact us to get a customised quote for your move and find out how the process could work for you.