Industry Standard Exclusions

Our quotation is a door-to-door rate based on the information you have given us. Unless otherwise specified our prices do not include the following:

  • Delivery of packing materials prior to move - if you are handling some of your packing yourself our quote does not include delivery of packing materials in advance of move day 
  • Access check at destination residence - we rely on the information you provide us regarding access at your overseas property. Should you be unsure please ask us to arrange an access check to prevent any additional charges should we encounter problems on move day. We will inform you if there is a charge for this access check before undertaking it
  • Long carry (over 30 metres) - should our vehicle not be able to park close to your property
  • Stair carry above 1st floor - deliveries above first floor where an elevator is not available
  • Crating - custom built wooden crates for extra protection of fragile items
  • Parking dispensations (or parking fines should insufficient notice be available to arrange parking dispensation)- to arrange parking for our vehicles on move day
  • Handyman services 
  • Customs / Importation charges (customs duties/taxes, fumigation fees, custom inspection fees, storage/demurrage) - any charges related to the importation of your goods which we have not agreed to pre-pay (for example should Quarantine Inspectors require any item to be cleaned or if any item has applicable duty)
  • Holidays / weekend services and labour overtime - Our charges are for moves undertaken Monday to Friday during normal working hours
  • 3rd party services- any additional services you have not asked us to quote for on your behalf for example corgi registered plumbers to remove gas appliances
  • Shuttle vehicles for difficult access - should our vehicle not be able to access your property due to size restrictions
  • Outside elevators - required for oversized items to be moved into/out of a property via a window/balcony
  • Multiple deliveries
  • Additional collection of packing materials - post move day
  • Delivery beyond 30 miles of the stated city limits
  • Unpacking into cupboards - if you have selected unpacking services our crew will unpack onto flat surfaces only unless you have requested otherwise

all other costs not associated with normal services.


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