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What services do International Removal Companies provide?

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - April 1, 2022

Whilst most removals and shipping companies offer slightly different services, most will typically offer:

  • International Standard Packing
  • Loading and transport
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking 
  • Packing materials (including specially designed crates for fragile or valuable items)
  • Storage (short or long term)
  • Moving vehicles 
  • Handyman services to dismantle or re-assemble complex items 
  • Washing machine disconnection/reconnection
  • Booking parking (if you're in a permit area)
  • Arranging cleaning, technology set up or other helpful third-party services

Some removal companies can even help you find a new home, relocate your pets or help you with the inventory check when you move into/out of a rental home! 

Packing services for International Removals

professional packing service

Packing can be really stressful and time-consuming. Bad packing can also increase the risk of things getting damaged in transit, especially on an international move where there are long-distance and sometimes choppy conditions to contend with! Most moving companies will offer a number of options for packing services provided by expert international packers which may include:

  • Full packing services (movers will pack all your items and wrap all your furniture).
  • Fragile packing service (movers will wrap all your furniture but will only pack fragile items e.g. glass, ornaments, china, pictures as selected. You will pack everything else).
  • Non-fragile packing service (movers will wrap all your furniture but will only pack non-fragile items e.g. books, clothing, toys, sundries. You will pack any fragile items).
  • Self-packing service (movers will wrap all your furniture but you will pack all the loose items into boxes). 
  • Crating (for special care/high-value items). 

For customs or insurance reasons, some packing services are not available for certain countries but your mover will be able to advise this at the point of the survey. 


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