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Global Shipping Challenges

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - April 2, 2024


Image by bellergy on Pixabay

Our customers’ household goods shipments are typically transported internationally by sea container and we rely heavily on the global shipping industry to deliver our door-to-door service.


Each month the British Association of Removers provides an update on the current shipping market which we wanted to share as it provides a useful and unbiased understanding of current and ongoing challenges that apply to all UK movers. We're committed to transparency and believe sharing this update helps you prepare for your international move and plan for any possible challenges ahead of time. 

See the latest BAR global shipping conditions update for latest updates including:

  • Services resume to the Port of Baltimore
  • Suez Canal security problems causing delays and additional charges
  • Panama Canal delays
  • Market Availability
  • Currency Exchange
  • Fuel Cost Changes
  • Port Strikes
  • Lithium-Ion Battery restrictions

What do International shipping customers need to do?

Please read the BAR guidance and discuss any concerns with your contact at Bournes. Whilst these issues are completely out of our control our teams are working hard to share information with our customers and set realistic and transparent expectations when it comes to shipping schedules and costs.

Here are a few things you can do to minimise the impact of these shipping challenges on your international move:

  1. Book your move as early as possible and discuss your schedule plans early with your move manager. 
  2. Be prepared for delays, longer transit times than usual and for last-minute changes.
  3. Talk to your move manager before committing to bookings for flights or accommodation. If these depend on the arrival of your shipment, they should not be confirmed before move dates are finalised. 
  4. Understand any potential additional charges up front so that you can plan and budget for those risks if necessary. 

Are these challenges specific to moving with Bournes?

No, the challenges shared by the BAR are a global problem for every industry that involves shipping by sea, and every company in the International Removals and Shipping industry. Beware if a moving company tells you they have no problems securing containers and request more detail as to how they are avoiding these current challenges to ensure this is a valid claim. 

We want to help you plan your relocation in the least stressful way possible, and that means being realistic. We believe in being transparent with our customers and setting clear expectations to avoid surprise additional costs or unexpected delays further down the line and we hope our industry colleagues and competitors will also offer their customers the same courtesy.

Want to know more?

Please contact your Bournes representative if you have any further questions or concerns.



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