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Posted by By Bournes International Moves - August 24, 2015

It's common practice in the International Removals Industry for you to be asked to pay for your move up front, so what happens if the unexpected happens? 

What if your mover goes out of business after you've paid or even worse after they've collected all your worldly goods?

Whilst your credit card company may offer some financial protection (it's always worth checking with your card provider to make sure) there is another way to make sure your payment is protected if you've not paid with a credit card but have paid by another means.

The BAR Advance Payment Guarantee - Pre-payment protection for International Removals

The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in modern times and its impact on all industries has been sudden and extremely damaging, including that of UK removals. It is against this background that the BAR finds itself having to suspend its Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme with effect from 20/03/2020. Existing claims against the scheme will of course be fulfilled, but no new claims will be considered from that date. The BAR regrets the necessity to take this course of action and will continue to review the situation over the coming months.

The BAR Advance Payment Guarantee means that in the event of financial failure of your removal company another member will be appointed to undertake the remainder of your removal contract at no additional expense to you in the event that you are not protected by your credit card provider.

Which Removals companies provide the BAR Advance Payment Guarantee?

Possibly THE most important thing you need to know about the advance payment guarantee is that NOT ALL BAR MEMBERS CAN OFFER IT FOR INTERNATIONAL REMOVALS.

The BAR has two levels of member for Household Goods removals. BAR members and BAR Overseas Members, the moves for which your pre-payment is guaranteed for will be determined by this membership.

All BAR members offer the pre-payment guarantee on moves that take place wholly within the UK, but only members of the overseas group can offer it on moves with any part taking place outside of the UK.

So be careful to check which level of membership your preferred removal company has to see if you're covered for your International or European Removal.

How do I check if my removal company is a BAR Overseas Member?

bar-os-copyYou can either check on the BAR Overeseas Website or ask to see their membership certificate. Check the certificate is in date and has the BAR Overseas Logo on it not just the standard BAR member logo (example on the left).

Not only is it important to make sure your removal company is a member of the right group, but also you need to check their membership is current and valid. Sounds silly, but it's really easy for a company to be slow at removing a logo from their website, stationery or brochures. Whilst the BAR police this as best as possible its best to check to make sure.

You can do this by checking on the BAR Overeseas Website or by calling the BAR Head Office. 


What are the other benefits of moving with a BAR Overseas member?

Find out why you should move with a BAR Overseas Removal Company

What do I do if I need to get assistance under the Advance Payment Guarantee?

Just contact the BAR and they will be happy to assist.

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