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Gap year storage

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 20, 2014

storage container forklift resizedTaking a gap year but not sure about what to do with everything you own while you’re gone? Long or short term gap year storage could be the perfect solution…

Gap years have always been a popular choice of activity for many students – whether you’re going abroad to gain work experience or simply to see the world before you settle into working life, the ‘gap year’ is a generic term for an ambiguous amount of time. And it’s this ambiguity that can present problems.
Perhaps you’ve moved out of home already and are sharing accommodation with other students or friends. The likelihood is you’ll be abroad when your tenancy agreement ends and your housemates are all looking to move on. Or maybe you’re going travelling on a one-way ticket with no set return date. Your parents or housemates might still be there when you get back, but you’re not quite so sure if that’s where you’ll come back to - and that’s if you even return at all.So, what do you do with your stuff?

Storage for your belongings while you're away traveling

Putting the bulk of your belongings into storage while you travel is a great solution – there’s no time limit on how long they can be kept there, plus everything is safe and secure.

Not everyone that takes time out to travel is a student, though – if you’re taking a career break to travel then chances are you’ll find yourself in a similar situation of needing to store your goods while you’re gone.
Having a clear out before you travel and found stuff you really don’t want? You could clear out your clutter and earn yourself some extra cash in the process by sending your things to auction. Here at Bournes we not only have all of your storage solutions, but we can also help arrange for the things you no longer want or need to be taken to our local auction house. We work in partnership with Rye Auction Galleries, who can sell anything you no longer want or need on your behalf. For more information on this bespoke service, please click here.

For all information on our long and short term storage options, please visit our dedicated Storage page.


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