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Moving to toronto: 6 great places to live

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 20, 2014

Figuring out where to live when moving abroad can be the first step to making your new country a home. If you're in the early stages of moving to Toronto but aren't sure which area will suit you and your family best, then here's our guide to 6 of the most popular areas to settle in...



1. The Financial District: Home to the Toronto Stock Exchange and some of the nation’s largest banks and businesses, the Financial District (or Central Business District) is located in downtown Toronto and is characterised by the classic high rise-style buildings and skyscrapers typical of such a commercial area.

2. Residential communities: In contrast to the CBD, Toronto’s residential communities are well-known for the beautiful architecture that defines their Victorian and Edwardian-style houses. The main residential areas are Yorkville, Wychwood Park, Rosedale, The Annex and Cabbagetown, all of which are home to hundreds of smaller neighbourhoods and areas of residency, and are popular areas to consider when moving to Toronto. 

3. Old Toronto: You’ll sometimes hear parts of the city referred to as “Old Toronto.” This covers the downtown areas of the city, including some of the older neighbourhoods that surround it, and, as its name suggests, is the oldest part of the original Toronto – or the Town of York, as it was known before it was given city status.

4. Other Neighbourhoods: Being one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, Toronto is home to several other unique and interesting neighbourhoods – Chinatown, Greektown, Little Italy, Portugal Village and Little India are just some of the visible indicators of just how much the city has grown to accommodate and embrace all cultures and ethnicities over the years. Some great restaurants and shops authentic of their native country can be found within these neighbourhoods.

5. The Suburbs: Located mainly in York and East York, Toronto’s inner suburbs are formed of small family homes and apartments and are traditionally defined as working class areas.

6. The Distillery District: If you're a young professional moving to Toronto then the traditional brick-paved streets and lanes of the Distillery District might be just the place for you – many of the properties here are designed for and inhabited by young working couples, and there is a strong social scene with shops, bars, cafes and plenty of art and culture to enjoy.

For any other help and advice on moving to Toronto - or anywhere else in Canada - check out our International Removal pages.

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