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Best areas to live in Calgary

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 20, 2014

In this guest post our international network partners Starline Overseas Moving in Alberta, Canada give us the Best areas to live in Calgary with a quick run down on neighbourhoods in their home town…

There are a variety of different types of communities within and surrounding the city of Calgary. Many communities have green spaces, schools and parks for families to enjoy.

Inglewood – The community of Inglewood is Calgary’s oldest neighborhood and is also one of the most eclectic places for shopping & local restaurants. There are a variety of family friendly events that occur year round.

Kensington: A unique community close to downtown Calgary, Kensington is a place where people can work, play and shop within the same perimeter. The community is close to the Louise Bridge which connects to the downtown and there are a variety of bike paths available. Kensington is also home to the yearly Sun and Salsa Festival – happens each summer where local businesses’ have a salsa cook-off and Calgarians get to wander the streets of Kensington to sample & crown the winner.

Red Mile: Refers to the Calgary downtown area of 17th Ave. S.W., mostly between 4th and 8th Street. The Red Mile, is filled with lots of local restaurants, pubs and unique boutiques. This area is a great location to grab a drink on a patio on a Friday afternoon after work. The Red Mile name originated from the 2003/2004 NHL season when the Calgary Flames made it to game seven of the finals. Calgarians would celebrate hockey wins by gathering on 17th Ave to party on the street.

Stephen Avenue: Located in the heart of downtown on 8th Avenue – it is a popular destination for business lunches. During the week, the road is closed to vehicles and can be only accessed by pedestrians. Stephen Avenue is the place to be to grab a bite to eat while people watching on a week day.

Marda Loop: A bustling area which is full of activity year round – including local communities and eateries. Marda Loop connects to the communities of Garrison Woods, Altadore and southern parts of Calgary. In addition, it is only a ten minute drive from downtown.

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