How do I get a VAT refund on new items when emigrating

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - November 20, 2014
One frequently asked question by our customers looking to move overseas is

how do I claim back my VAT on new items I’m buying to take with me?

Well, here’s the short answer, if you are eligible you follow the simple steps in the diagram below:

To find out more about the process of getting a VAT refund on new items when emigrating and what criteria you must meet to be eligible for a VAT refund visit the HMRC website using these links:

Reclaiming VAT on Retail Items
Reclaiming VAT on Personal Vehicles

VAT refund on new items when emigrating
  1. Buy from a retailer operating the VAT export scheme
  2. Obtain from them one of the following: a VAT 407 Form, Shop / Refund company’s own version of the VAT 407 form OR A VAT or RES scheme sales invoice
  3. Fill in the forms in front of the retailer, they may want to see your passport (or other evidence) to prove you are eligible for the scheme
  4. Agree with the retailer how the refund will be paid. Directly, through a refund company or at a refund booth at the airport when you leave the UK
  5. Show your goods/receipts/proof of export to customs officers before leaving the UK
  6. As agreed with the retailer either post your form to them, their refund company or present it at a refund booth to receive your refund payment.


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