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Video Home Removals Surveys

Posted by Bournes Moves - April 2, 2020

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What is a video home removals survey?

A video home removals survey is where your pre-move consultation appointment is done using a video chat app on your smartphone or tablet.

Traditionally these move consultations happen in person at your home, but there are often reasons why this isn't convenient for example if you live remotely, need an out of hours appointment or someone in your home is unwell and you don't want visitors. 

Video surveys are quick and typically provide the same accuracy as an in person visit. 

how do video home removals surveys work?

Home removals surveys using our video chat app are really easy!

  1. Call or request online to book your video pre-move survey appointment.
  2. We'll send you confirmation of your appointment and instructions to download the free survey app.
  3. At the time of the call we'll send you a link to join your survey appointment and connect with your move consultant by video. 
  4. Show your move consultant round your home by pointing the camera in front of you and answering their questions about your move. They will provide you any instructions as to what they'd like to see and how as you go (for example looking inside cupboards). 
  5. We'll make a note of the items you want to move and your individual requirements and then send you our quotation ASAP after our call. 

Can video removals surveys be done on any smartphone / Tablet?

Most smartphones and tablets are compatable with our video surveys, providing you can download our App, which is available on Android and Apple platforms. 

The app is safe and secure and all of your data is held in line with our strict Data Privacy Policy. 

If you're unable to download the app for any reason we can use other video chat software such as WhatsApp or Facetime. Just let us know! 

How do I arrange a video survey for my house move?

Call us on 01797 228000 or click here to book a video removals survey and someone from our team will get in touch to arrange your survey ASAP. 

What do I need to do to prepare for a video survey appointment for my house move?

We will talk you through everything you need to do to get the most out of your survey appointment, but if you want to get prepared ahead of time here are a few things you can do:

  1. Follow the instructions in your booking confirmation to download the app and make sure your camera and microphone are enabled.
  2. Have a tape measure handy, especially if there are any items of furniture you might need crating for extra protection.
  3. Be ready to show us around each room that has items for moving, including inside cupboards and outdoor spaces like garages/sheds. 
  4. Think about any items you want to point out to the move consultant that might need special packing or handling - for example things that were tricky when you moved them in or items that are very fragile or of high value.

Don't panic if you forget anything, you can always call the removal company and let them know anything additional you need adding into your quote. 

That's it! Ready to book your video survey?


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