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Moving house tips - Video

Posted by By Bournes Moves - October 2, 2017

Moving house tipsIf you're in the process of moving house you'll know how much there is to organise and are probably starting to feel a little stressed out! 

Bournes have providing removals and storage services to families moving home since 1875 so have lots of experience to share. Here's our top moving house tips for saving time, money and stress!

Moving House Tips - Video Guide

Useful links for Moving House from the video

  • Moving House Checklist - a ready to use downloadable list for you to work through and check off as you get prepared for move day. 
  • Packing Videos - Learn how to pack the most common items ready for your move in our quick handy packing videos. 
  • Moving House tools - a range of guides, checklists and useful tools to help you prepare for moving house. 

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