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When should I book a removal company for moving house?

Posted by Kirsty Parsons - November 30, 2023

Moving house can be a stressful experience - but it doesn't have to be. A removal company can take some of the burden off your shoulders and we recommend booking your removal company 4-6 weeks before your target move date (longer in peak periods like summer). This will give you plenty of time to get quotes, compare prices and schedule your move.  

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Our average customers contact a removal company approximately 8-10 weeks before their move date* 

4-6 weeks is just a guideline though, and it is possible to arrange your move much further ahead of schedule or at the last minute too if you need to.

Why book early?

There are lots of benefits to booking a removal company in plenty of time. It will give you the best chance of securing a good price with a reputable moving company and ensure they will be available to meet your preferred moving date.

4-6 weeks is a good window of time because you will need to:

  • arrange a pre-move consultation (home survey)
  • receive and review your quote
  • compare quotes and make any adjustments
  • make any final arrangements like parking etc.

Leaving a good amount of time means you can do this without having to rush and organise this all last minute which is great as there can be a lot of other things happening as a move date nears, especially if you are buying and selling a property. Arranging a removal company in plenty of time means you can focus on everything else and leave the physical move worries to your mover.

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Removal companies can get booked up in advance in busy periods

Some of the busiest times for removal companies are:

  • Summer months
  • School holidays
  • End of the month
  • Fridays

If you're moving in a busy period then contact the removal company as soon as you can. These periods get busy so booking early gives you a better chance of securing a great price and availability with your mover of choice. 

Find out everything you need to know about finding and choosing the right removal company for you with The Ultimate Guide to Removal Companies.

What will I need to know about my move before I arrange removals services?

You can arrange a survey once you’re confident the items you wish to move wont change much (or at least can point out what's not going to a surveyor). We regularly get customers contact us several months before their move. 

How do I book a removal company if I don't know where I'm moving to yet?

If you don’t know your destination address yet we can still do a survey, but we may only be able to give you a guide price for your quotation which we can then review once you know the details of your new home.

If you're moving to temporary accommodation between homes don't forget to ask your mover about storage services.

Can I get a quote based on provisional moving dates?

Yes! We can give a quotation based on open or provisional dates, although you should bear in mind quotations will usually be valid for a move within 28 days, unless already agreed in advance. 

I need a removal company but my move is really short notice...

Don’t worry if you don’t have very long, or if things happen quicker than you expect - some movers will still be able to help. At Bournes for example, our flexible resources allow us to easily assist with short notice moves.

If you're planning to move during a peak period (school holidays, particularly the summer, and the last Friday in a month) then it’s a good idea to get your arrangements made as early as possible as increased demand not only means that movers may be unavailable but also that prices may be higher if you leave it until the last minute.

Who should I get quotes from?

There are lots of movers out there who can help, but how do you choose the one that's right for you? Find out everything you need to know about finding and choosing the right removal company for you with The Ultimate Guide to Removal Companies.

Read our guide: The Ultimate guide to removal companies


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