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6 things you need to know about removal company storage services

Posted by By Bournes Moves - April 11, 2016

Storage2.jpgAre you moving house soon but need to put some things into storage? Perhaps you’re moving abroad, having your dream house built or are between tenancies and just need somewhere to store your belongings for a while? Whatever your reason for needing storage here are six things you need to know about removal company storage for your belongings…


You can store your items for any length of time

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving overseas for a couple of years, just want somewhere to put things for a couple of months while you organise your move or for a few weeks while you decorate a room – using a reputable removal company that has secure storage facilities means you can store your items for as long as you want or need with no pressure or commitment to length of time. Most removals companies charge for storage on a weekly basis so the costs can be quite flexible.

Storage might be a necessity for an international move

If you’re moving overseas, putting items into storage might actually be an essential part of your move. Depending on where you’re going and the logistics of your move, it might be that your international removal company recommends a short period of storage for your belongings before they are able to ship your goods or before they deliver them to your new home, for example if you are staying in a short term rental for a period of time when you arrive before you find your long term home or if you are travelling for a while before settling.

Alternatively it might be that you’re moving overseas on an assignment for a specific period of time and need to store your household items while you’re gone so you have them ready to go into a new property as soon as you’re back.

When using storage as part of an international move, your goods will be sealed in a container at your home and a detailed inventory taken. The container will then be transported back to the removal company’s warehouse, where it will be stored securely until it’s ready to ship. Whatever your circumstance, storage is usually a pretty convenient option when you’re moving overseas. 

Your items should be kept safe and secure

It might sound like a pretty obvious point to make, but when using a removal company that has additional storage facilities you need to make sure your goods will be completely safe and secure. If you’re specifically looking for a removal company that offers storage as well, then make sure you do your research.

Always opt for a company that is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR), so that you know they work to the rules and regulations required by the industry and that you are offered the chance to take out  insurance to add an additional layer of protection for your goods while in their care should the unexpected happen.

Most reputable removal companies who also offer storage in their permanently managed, on-site warehouses will be able to talk you through all of your options as well as answering any of your questions to ensure that you’re completely happy your goods will be stored safely and securely.

You can store more than just furniture and household goods

In some cases, there might be a more specific need for storage than just household items. For example, it might be that you simply want a safe place to store a car or motorbike while you’re out of the country. Or you might have particularly high value goods or antiques that need a secure place to stay while you move the rest of your house. It could even be that you just need seasonal storage if you don’t have loft space or anywhere outside for storage – Christmas decorations for the majority of the year or garden items over the winter, for example.

You can access your belongings in storage whenever you need to

Need a few items back but want to leave the rest in storage? This shouldn’t be a problem – all you need to do is contact the removal company your goods are being stored with to find out their process for access or extractions. Usually if your goods are being stored in a container then it will be retrieved and stood down in a safe area and opened ready for you to retrieve what’s needed, then sealed up again and put back in place. Alternatively if you’d like some help doing this you can tell the mover the items on your inventory you’d like out and they can extract them for you. There may be a small charge for these services, so make sure you ask about this when booking.

It might be easier (and safer) to have the removal company collect your goods rather than take them in yourself

One of the big pros of using a removals company rather than a self-storage company (aside from the usual more competitive storage costs) is the add on capability for them to help you move the items into the storage facility and back out again afterwards.The removals crew will be skilled in loading a container to maximise the use of the space at the same time as making sure everything is well secured and protected to reduce the risk of damage.Many removal companies like Bournes have specially designed vehicles with side loading doors which allow them to put an empty wooden container on the lorry, load your items directly into it and seal the doors at your home and then simply use a forklift to take the container off the lorry and into the warehouse. This means your items don’t need double handling which reduces the risk of any damage or loss. 

Some removal companies also offer self-storage facilities

Whist, it is advised wherever possible to use a collection/delivery service many removal companies also offer self-storage options that allow you to take your items to their facility and load your own container or storage room.  From home moves to renovation projects self-storage can be useful for lots of reasons - take a look at Community Ad's 5 benefits of self-storage. 

For more information about storage for your belongings as part of a house move or otherwise, please visit our Storage Services page.

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