As a training partner to the Expat Academy Bournes helps global mobility professionals to learn, connect and share together to build world class relocation programmes. 

Training and Knowledge Sharing for Global Mobility

Training Partner Logo V1.jpgBringing together some of the top names from industry and academia the Expat Academy provides the perfect environment for corporate Global Mobility Professionals to learn, connect and share. This knowledge and expertise enables companies to become better equipped to manage the complexities of international people management.

As a training partner Bournes Relocation Solutions are proud to share technical knowledge, expertise and up to date information and best practice with Expat Academy members to help them continue to build best in class Global Mobility divisions in their companies to help reach their organisations goals. 

Through free and informed technical seminars; practical training courses and academic research The Expat Academy is at the forefront of thought leadership and industry trends. It passionately believes that everyone should be provided with ongoing training and development and through its programme of events is the perfect place for all of your global mobility training and networking needs.

If you haven’t already done so Bournes would encourage you and your colleagues to join the 800+ corporate professionals who have already joined. Go to to register and sign up for one of their free London based seminars or training courses which include: