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Removals to France after Brexit

Posted by By Bournes International Moves - June 30, 2021

It is more important than ever to use a professional European Removals company for Removals to France after Brexit. 


Before BREXIT it was fairly simple to meet the regulatory requirements for moving household goods to mainland Europe. As goods moved freely within the EU there was no paperwork required, duties or tax applicable and no special considerations for certain types of restricted or prohibited items.

Since the UK left the EU household goods removals have been subject to the same import regulations as moves from the rest of the world. This means European Removal Companies are now required to provide additional documentation and follow new customs procedures to move their customers' belongings into France. 

Can I still move my furniture to France after BREXIT?

Yes! Although it's more complicated, it is still completely possible to move your household goods with you if you relocate to France. A good removal company will have put the right systems in place and completed training with their staff to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

At Bournes, we invested heavily in learning about the new requirements, setting up and testing the new systems for customs processes, training our team and providing guidance to our customers. This means we have already completed many successful removals to France since the new processes are in place. 

Do I need a removal company to move to France?

In our opinion hiring a professional removal company is incredibly important for removals to France since Brexit.

The complexity of the processes required to officially move goods to France means that this would be incredibly challenging for a private individual or inexperienced company to complete. The risk of getting the process wrong could result in facing large bills for duties and taxes or other penalties in future. 

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What will my removal company need to do to move me to France?

When you work with a professional European Removals company you should expect them to: 

  • Have the right permits - including a valid EORI number 
  • Register on the required systems to submit applications for accessing the Kent Ports / Tunnel AND to make customs declarations and receive approvals. 
  • Be correctly insured and carrying the right documents - personal, shipment and vehicle documents - to travel and drive in France.
  • Submit the correct customs documents on your behalf for export from the UK and import into France. 
  • Advise you on duties and taxes and if they may be applicable for your move based on your individual circumstances.
  • Advise you on restricted and prohibited items that should not be included in your move.
  • Understand and plan schedules to allow for the additional time now required to clear customs. 

What paperwork do I need to move my household goods to France after BREXIT?

Your removal company should advise you on the documents you need to provide and how to complete any forms. They should check that these are all in place in plenty of time to avoid delays or issues with your move. 

At the date of publishing this article the documents you need to provide are:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Itemised, valued inventory list
  • Sales invoices for any new items (less than 6 months old)
  • Proof of residence in France (less than 3 months old)
  • Non-resale attestation
  • Employers attestation of transfer (if applicable)
  • French nationals will also need a certificate of change of residence from the French Consulate

There are additional documents required by customs that your removal company will complete. 

At Bournes we provide a dedicated European Move Manager. When you book they will let you know the documents you will need and provide you blank copies of any forms you will need to fill out. They will guide and advise you every step of the way to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Are duties and taxes applicable for a move to France after BREXIT?

Duties and taxes are not normally applicable for household goods when you are moving your main residence to France but this depends on meeting certain criteria.

At the date of publishing this article duty-free entry is granted providing that:

  • The importer has lived outside of the EU for at least 1 year
  • Personal effects and vehicles have been owned and used by the importer for at least 6 months (anything you have bought more recently may be subject to duties and taxes). 
  • Items must be imported within 12 months of the date of transfer of residence 
  • Items must remain in your possession for at least 12 months from importation

Duties and taxes are applicable in some other cases, for example for second homes and tobacco and alcohol. Visit the FIDI Customs Guide for France to find out about the application of duties and taxes for specific items or circumstances. 

Is Covid-19 affecting removals to France?

Providing proper planning is in place the Covid-19 pandemic shouldn't be having a bit impact on your move. This includes making sure the removal company knows what is required regarding driver testing and travel restrictions. 

You will need to have all your documents in place before a delivery date can be confirmed and your shipment leaves the UK to avoid further charges and delays on arrival. 

Want to know more?

To find out more, get answers to your specific questions or to get a quote please just get in touch. Our team will be happy to talk you through the process for your individual situation.

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