Direct Debit is the simplest, safest and most convenient way to make regular or recurring payments. This makes it ideal for paying for your storage with Bournes as it will save you the hassle of paying manually each month. 

We use GoCardless to process our direct debit payments and offer the following for your peace of mind: 

Advance Notice

Our monthly storage invoices are raised in advance of the start of the storage period.  You'll receive a separate email each time we process a Direct Debit request so you know in advance what's due to go out and when, but please note the amount will not be taken from your account until approximately 4 business days after the request date. 

Easy Cancellation

You are able to cancel the arrangment whenever you want it to end when your belongings are delivered. 

Refunds - Direct Debit Guarantee

The Direct Debit Guarantee makes this the safest way to pay. It protects you against any payments made in error, or fraudulently. If an error is made you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of teh amount paid. Find out more about the direct debit guarantee. 



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