Guidance for Additional Costs

Although our quote is based on a door-to-door service there are some charges we are unable to include which are listed below.

Select Destination Country


The Australian Quarantine Fee must be paid locally. Guideline charges are shown below:

  • 20 foot container: From AUD$600 
  • 40 foot container: From AUD$800
  • Shared/Groupage services: The costs indicated above are shared proportionally based on your volume. 


Brokers fees and port charges are payable locally in Brazil (approx. US$4000).


We cannot pre-pay THC and port charges. These will be payable locally in India (Approx. US$420)


All shipments will be inspected by Customs. All charges relating to the examination will be confirmed at the time of clearance.
Please note, your effects will attract a Railway Development Levy charged at 1.5% of CIF value. This charge along with any additional charges that are excluded from our quotation will need to be paid directly to our partners locally, prior to delivery. 

New Zealand

MAF Biosecurity charge which will be applicable once the container arrives in New Zealand. This must be paid locally. Guideline charges are shown below:

  • 20 foot container: NZD$ 470.00 to NZD$ 520.00
  • 40 foot container: NZD$ 550.00 to NZD$ 620.00
  • Groupage/shared loads: The costs indicated above are shared proportionally based on your volume. 

Saudi Arabia

Please note:

- You must present at the port for clearance if requested by Customs. 

- Customs and port charges are not fixed in KSA so the billing will be based on the actual receipts from authorities. 

- All shipments are physically inspected, and potentially subject to duty including used household goods.

- Our rate excludes fees payable to any SA Government dept.

- Customs inspection charges and x-ray charges apply. 

- Charges for Unpacking & re-packing if a customs inspection required will be applicable. 

South Africa

All consignments of household effects entering South Africa are subject to an additional charge “Cargo Dues”. These must be paid locally on arrival (Approx. R2800.00 per 20ft container / R5300.00 per 40ft container)


If you do not have the required customs clearance documents in place when your belongings arrive in Switzerland we can arrange temporary clearance. There is an additional charge of £250 for this service.

The documents required for clearance are:

  • A clear passport copy for all persons moving
  • residence permit
  • copy of employment contract; copy of rental agreement
  • town hall registration; original 1844 form. 

Temporary clearance is common as some of these documents may not be available to you before your arrival in country.


There is currently a very high probability of the consignment being selected for an extensive examination or an X-ray.

Any costs relating to this are charged directly to the client before delivery can be completed. These are estimated at approximately $300-$500 for the X-ray fee but can vary and physical extensive inspections can incur further additional charges if your consignment is selected. 

Shared/Groupage clients will be eligible for a proportion of this fee based on their volume shipped.