Financial peace of mind for your move

Worried about extra costs?

You've probably already encountered some hurdles in your moving process so far, and have likely learnt to expect the unexpected! Whilst your move team will do all they can to make sure everything runs smoothly, there are some things that are outside of our control, and yours.

We know how important it is to you that you understand the costs of your move upfront, and how stressful unexpected costs can be. That's why we offer financial protection products to give you peace of mind that you won't incur additional costs if the unexpected happens during your move. 


Late Key Waiver

When we plan your move we assume that keys to your new home will be available at an approximate time. If there are any delays in getting keys this can mean it takes us longer than normal to complete your move and you may be liable for extra costs. 

Why could keys be late?

There can be a delay in obtaining keys for many reasons - for example, the previous owners may be late vacating the property, or there can be a problem with the clearance of funds somewhere in the chain. Unfortunately, we see both situations happening quite often. 

Why does this result in extra costs?

Our quote is based on an estimate of time and number of crew required to complete your move. If they have to wait outside without being able to move you in we still have to pay them, or bring in extra crew to get unloaded more quickly. This means our costs are higher than expected as the requirement is different to that covered in our contract. 

How does the late key waiver work?

The late key waiver is a one-off fee paid when we invoice your move. It covers you if your keys are late for up to 3 hours waiting time without any extra costs. (In our experience most delayed moves get access within 3 hours of originally planned). 

What could the cost be without the late key waiver?

This depends on how many crew members and how long the wait is. Your move consultant will be able to tell you the charges based on your requirement, but here's a quick example:

  • Basic removals charge quoted: £600+vat
  • 3 hour delay charge: £150+vat
  • Total move cost WITHOUT late key waiver: £750+vat
  • Total move cost WITH late key waiver: £650+vat
  • Saving by taking the late key waiver in the event of a delay = £100+vat

Please speak to your move consultant if you have any questions about the late key waiver. 



Cancellation or Postponement Protection

Moving timelines don't always go to plan. If exchange or completion is delayed, or if your purchase falls through and you have to cancel or postpone your move booking at short notice you could be liable for extra charges. 

Under BAR standard terms and conditions the mover reserves the right to charge a % of your move costs if you cancel/ postpone your move at short notice (usually within 10 days).

Why are there extra costs if I cancel/postpone at short notice?

Professional removals are a carefully planned operation. Once you confirm your booking your mover will reserve a crew and vehicle(s) for your move, as well as make arrangements for parking or extra services if needed.

When you cancel at short notice there is no guarantee the mover can secure another move to make use of resources to cover the costs that they will still incur. 

How does Cancellation Protection work?

The cancellation waiver is selected at the time of booking and means we agree to waive the cancellation charges (in clause 6 of our terms and conditions) if you notify us up to 5 pm on the working day before work starts.

This waiver fee entitles you to one cancellation or postponement but can be taken out again for any new dates.

What could the costs be if I cancel or postpone at short notice without the waiver?

At Bournes we use the British Association of Remover standard terms and conditions, approved by Trading Standards. These set out our cancellation charges as below so you know what to expect upfront:

  • More than 10 working days before the removal was due to start: No charge.
  • Between 5 and 10 working days inclusive before the removal was due to start: Not more than 30% of the total removal charge.
  • Less than 5 working days before the removal was due to start: Not more than 60% of the total removal charge.
  • Within 24 hours of the move taking place: Not more than 75% of the total removal charge.
  • On the day the move starts or at any time after it commences: Up to 100% of the total removal charge. 

How much will the waiver save me if I have to cancel?

This depends on the cost of your move, but here's a typical example if you cancelled 4 days before move date:

  • Basic Removal Charge - £1000
  • Cancellation charge - £600
  • Cost to move when you're finally ready - £1000
  • Total Cost to Move without Waiver - £1,600 OR
  • Basic Removal Charge - £1000
  • Cost of Waiver - £100 (10%)
  • Cancellation fee with waiver in place - £0
  • Cost to move when you're ready - £1000
  • Total Cost to move with Waiver - £1,100
  • Saving in the event of a cancellation - £500

If you have any questions about cancellation/postponement or would like to understand more about this waiver, please just ask your move consultant or your move manager. 

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BAR Advance Payment Guarantee - FREE

The BAR Advance Payment Guarantee is s safety net that means in the unlikely event that Bournes suffers financial failure before your move is completed, you do not lose any payments already made. 

The guarantee is included free of charge for customers who do not pay by credit card (who will already be covered by their card provider).

In the unlikely event that Bournes were to fail financially prior to fulfilling your removal contract your advanced payment will be protected by the BAR to ensure you do not incur any additional charges to complete your move.

Bournes provide APG cover for all moves, worldwide. You can view our cover certificate here