Mindfulness and Wellbeing at work for Global Mobility Professionals


The global mobility environment is challenging and can often be stressful for GM professionals. Individuals feel they have increasing amounts to deal with and only so much time available; they feel they are being expected to do more with shrinking budget and fewer resources; they have to support and work with assignees who are experiencing particularly challenging times in their lives; they have to deal with constant change in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Mindfulness can play a huge part in our success as well as our mental wellbeing. Bournes Relocation Solutions recent event helped our colleagues and friends in the industry develop and grow personally and professionally to impact their performance, manage stress and improve the way they think and feel.

You can download all the event resources now, including:

  • The full presentation slide decks from our guest speakers Haydn Bratt (Mindset Associates) and Graeme Green (Passe-Partout Consulting)
  • Top tips and Supporting information from guest speaker sessions 
  • Links to more useful resources including books, videos and apps
  • Tips for Mindfulness Each Day - Exercises to bring mindfulness to life
  • More information on Mindset Associates and Passe Partout consulting for those wishing to receive individual advice or training for themselves or their teams

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