THE NEW NORMAL OF GLOBAL MOBILITY: Flexibility, Diversity & Data Mastery


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This years report presents another fantastic insight into the key strategic themes relating to management and deployment of an internationally mobile workforce within companies globally. 

Key themes:

  • Data analytics and their use in providing timely and relevant global mobility insights to inform superior decisions.
  • Generational differences in Global Mobility.
  • Brexit implications for Global Mobility and what these mean in the broader, more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous geo-political context we now operate.
  • Organisational development and talent management.
  • Reward package design and key trends in Global Mobility remuneration and benefits. 

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About the RES Forum

The RES forum was created in 2006 as an independent community for International HR & Mobility professionals and is now the largest and most active network specialising in global mobility survey data, modelling and analytics with over 1345 members in 701 companies in 39 countries. 

About Bournes Relocation Solutions

Bournes are an award winning provider of International Removals and Destination services to the Global Mobility industry. As a proud member of the Harmony Relocation Network, a technical partner to the RES forum, we provide personal service with global capability serving assignees moving to and from over 180 countries. 

2017 RES Forum Report - the new normal of global mobility