Guided Tour of Ancient London at Night - Global Mobility walk and talk group.

Posted by By Bournes Relocation Solutions - January 24, 2019


Happy New Year to each and every one of our friends in the London GM arena. 2019 has finally reached us and along with our new year resolutions we are now also looking forward to see just what will happen at the end of March when the UK finally leaves the single market.

It may all look like doom and gloom for now, but with every cloud there’s always a silver lining. So Bournes have come up with a refreshing and healthy concept that we feel you just might like to sign up to.

Introducing Global Mobility Walk and Talk

The 1st London Global Mobility Walk and Talk group to be led after work during an early evening with a specialist City of London Tour Guide who will lead us around the City of London. There will be nothing too strenuous but just enough to get us away from our desks for an hour or so and an opportunity to join our industry peers in a motivating heart pounding walk and natter with industry friends. At the end of the session whoever wishes to stay on for some light refreshments will be given a warm welcome.

When: Thursday 4 April 2019 - 17.30 -20.00 

Where: Starts at Bank Station, Exit 3 (Meet by the Wellington Statue)

The Ancient City at Night Tour

What our guide says about this walk:

"If I were going to take Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Dante, Elizabeth I, Adam Smith, George Washington and Claude Monet on a London Walk this would be the one. Because of where it goes and what we see. It's the oldest part of London; it's also the most aggressively modern part. After-hours it's transfigured: crystalline, transparent as a dragonfly, submerged in its past. We can peer into its depths. And then rub our eyes and wonder at a church that "transcends originality," at the only private house in the country with its own court and cells, at a lost river, at a jewel box of a market (going there is a little touch of Harry Potter in the night), at Dirty Dick's, at the architectural equivalent of a butterfly collection. And to see it at night – washed in blue and green light – it's like moving, stunned, through the crevasses of a mountain glacier! And that's just first impressions, a quick scratch at the surface. The behind-the-scenes stuff – hidden courtyards, dimly lit alleyways and wonderful old pubs* – will take us right down into the depths of London's ancient past"




Practical Information

The meeting point is outside exit 3 (by the Wellington statue) of BankTube Stop. N.B. the walk ends at Dirty Dick's, very near Liverpool Street Station.

The event is approximately 2.5 hours with a brief pub stop of 15-20 minutes included for refreshments. You are also welcome to join us for drinks afterwards once the tour is complete.

Just bring a good pair of walking shoes, a positive energy, a good set of lungs for the talking part and we’ll let our legs do the rest!


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